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In Naviage, once any player reaches the title of Baronet and owns over one million gold, they may start their own guild, after the guild is created, the guild will have a temporary base, through temporary guild fleet manage, and players may attack or defend any other guilds.

Guild Wars are one of the major components in this game; base on the opponent, the war may be separated into two categories: attack player guilds or NPC guilds.

Players attack NPC guild is quiet simple, players just have to depart from their base and after claiming victorious, NPC guild will lose one of the highest shares of goods in that port, and the victorious guild will have 12 hours of investment priority. During this time, any player or player's guild in the same alliance as the victorious guild will be able to buy these shares, after 12 hours, anyone is able to buy on these shares. If in a situation where a group of guilds all attack the same NPC guild, the investment priority will be given to the guild with the highest exploits in battle.

Other than attacking, player guilds may also help NPC guilds to defend, but at the same time these helps must also depart from their guild base.

Wars between players must be first declared between the times 8AM to 8PM. The 24 hours after the declaration is preparation time for the two guilds. After 24 hours, both side may launch fleets to attack any base owned by their opponents, the defender side may set up defenses and hire mercenaries just before the battle. All the defense equipments all come from donations by players; moreover, players may move their fleets to help defend before the battle, or depart from base to help anytime during the battle. The battle will be over if one side's fleets and defenses are completely destroyed.

Post war, the side lost will automatically send a truce letter to the victorious side, and the victor can select any of the goods share in the destroyed port, and occupy it. If any base loses all shares in all bases, player's guild will automatically be dismissed, and its stock will be removed from the stock market.

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  1. everyday between the times of 0 to 10 AM, no new battle fields are allowed to be created, but any player still is able to send fleets to join the battle. Every Guild War will last a total of 4 days, including 1 day of preparation and 3 days of battle, at the end of 4 days, if the two guilds still want to battle, then another declaration will have to be made between the two guilds.
  2. The guild leader needs to consume 5M gold coins for buying the war declaration book from the NPC guild representative.
  3. Guild leader needs to open the donation function and set the donation limit for members to donate gold.
  4. New founded guild has a temperary base in the chairman's port(where guild registered).
  5. Temperary base can only be use to launch attack to NPC and pirates' ports, ie you cannot launch fight with other player's guild from this base.
  6. When player's guild seize first formal base from the NPC's guild, temperary base will be canceled. Seized base can be used to launch fight againts players' base of other guild, NPC's port and Pirate's port as well.
  7. If your guild unfortunately lose every formal bases, you'll have a temperary base again. It's in the port where your guild was registered.



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