How to Raid a Dock on Naviage

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Raiding the docks of others is a fun aspect of the game Naviage from but when you are first starting your sailing career, it can be a bit confusing on how to start this aspect of the game. Well, hold on to your tricorne hats pirates to be, this article should help you become the terror of whatever coastline you reside on.


In order to raid somewhere, you need to find out where to raid first! So when you first joined the game, only a few ports showed up around your home dock. In order to get other docks to show up on your map, you will first need to discover them. You can create a fleet entirely made up of exploring ships, for the sole purpose of exploring the world.

Here are specific instructions on how to get your fleet exploring. Hire a new captain from the bar of any port and then from the Dock Plaza, click the Fleet Manager and then Adjust to assign your exploration ships to your new captain, and use the gold slider to put gold onto your ships! Remember: the fleet can only contain exploration ships otherwise you will not get the option to send them exploring!

Once you assign a crew you will then need to Click your Port, and talk to the Dock Purser, select Search, in the new window that opens, select your direction and duration you want to explore. Finally, once all this is done, select depart to send them on their way. The success rate depends on the exploring level of the captain, and the number of levels of the exploring ships in the fleet.

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Raiding of Docks

So, you explored some and found some docks. How to raid them for loot? Firstly, you need to remember you cannot attack a dock from their own country and you must depart from their own dock.

So what targets are open for attack? There are two locations open for your raiding: 1 Pirate Docks, 2 Player docks. After the battle, the system will announce the attack in the chat window. If the dock targeted does not have any defensive structures, then the system will only notify the goods and gold raid, if there are defenses in the dock you can watch the battle live.

There are three outcomes of the battle, 1 Attackers win, they will then carry off what goods they can and return to the original dock. 2 Defense wins, but some of the attacker’s fleet could have escaped. If that happens they will return to their original dock in 30 minutes. 3 Defense wins and none of the attackers escape. In this situation, the explorer is mortally wounded and will be revived in the original dock in 1 hour.

Naviage Screenshot

In summary, to raid a dock the following conditions have to be met.

  1. One fleet with full sailors and enough supplies
  2. The attacking team has to depart from a dock they own
  3. The smallest ship in the fleet must be able to sail to the enemy dock
  4. The dock you are attacking cannot be from your nation
  5. You cannot attack the dock in the same port.

Naviage Screenshot

If all the conditions are met, talk to the dock manager in the dock plaza, select attack, select your target on the map and then click command. In the window that pops up, select the attack time and attack route. Click confirm to complete the operation.

You now know how to raid! Happy Hunting!



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