Naviage Guide: Holy Tome

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Holy Tome is used for copying and saving the navigator's skill or formation.


1) Purchasing the 'Holy Tome' under 'Navigator Type' in item shop.



2) Entering your navigator page, choosing the navigator and the target skill or formation, and clicking 'Copy'. Well, the skill or formation has been saved in your Holy Tome, then it disappears on your navigator page.




3) Choosing the target navigator, and clicking the Holy Tome to use. Then, the navigator masters the skill or formation recorded in the Holy Tome, and the Holy Tome will disappear.


1) The font of Holy Tome will be displayed in green after purchasing in item shop, and the description refers to its own function.

2) After copying the skill or formation of the navigator, the font of Holy Tome will be changed into blue, and the description will be changed to the function of the skill or formation.



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