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So now you want to learn about combat in Naviage? Are you sure? You are still just learning how to trade. Okay, well, I suppose you need to learn how to defend yourself sometime. Pull up a stool and take notes, since this information could save your career as a ship captain.

First thing you need to know is, you can find pirates to fight from any port, not just your home one. Most ports appreciate your help in getting rid of pirates. Anyway, next thing you need to understand, that if you are going to go after one of the LARGE pirate lairs (the ones you can see from the map), you need to be part of a Guild to go after them. So don't even think about going after them by yourself!

So you got your fleet together, how do I start fighting pirates? As I said, be in any port and click "Customs" on your right hand side. Once there you will need to talk to the Naval Officer, not the friendliest chap but if you had to send people to fight bandits and pirates all day I am sure you would not be either. After clicking on him you need to decide if you want to fight simple pirates, the kind of pirates that would probably run their ship around somewhere soon if you did not catch them, or you can go after true pirates, the kind of villain that people quake in fear when they hear their names!

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Once you click the correct level, click the "Clean bandits" button next to the portrait of the person leading the fleet you want to attack. Make sure you send the right one, as you do not want to send your trade fleet into battle! After commanding your fleet off to battle, you will be led to the battle screen where the two fleets will fight for supremacy. In the beginning battles you will not have a lot to do, just make sure your ships are more numerous and stronger than your opponents.

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After the battle ends, you collect the spoils! A notice will be received by you through the mail system to let you know what kind of spoils you have received. Mostly it will be experience for you and your fleet.  Also, do not forget to head to the ship factory in port and make repairs!  Once you master these basics of how to get your fleet up and running, for defending, or even attacking others. You will be ready to draw blood in the name of conquering the sea!

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