Naviage Guide: Character Attribute


The Character’s attribute is an extremely important part in the game, but do you understand completely how it works? Read this Naviage Helper to find out.

There are a total of 8 types of Attributes; instructing explorers to operate in the field they are good at will increase the work rate and the success rate. The following are a list of attributes:


Command: Affects explorer’s ability to command fleet size and tonnage.

Relevant Skill: Thunder, Confusion, Lighting, Accurate, Bribe, Counterattack.

Sailing: Affects the sailing speed of fleets, and the explorer’s ability to handle emergencies in battle, and ability to solve situations in the right order.

Relevant Skill: Clamp, Raid, Dodge

Bartering: Affects the profit earned during trades, and lowers the effect of the fluctuating prices.

Relevant Skill: Bribe

Tactics: Increase the damage dealt to opponents in battle, increase fleet attack power.

Relevant Skill: Sweep, Penetration, Clamp, Sputtering, Firm, Counterattack.

Exploration: Affects the explorer’s spy level, at the same time increasing the chances of discovering unknown ports, and is the perquisite of discovering items in ports.

Relevant Skill: First Strike, Inspire.

Plundering: Increase chances of attacking the opponent during loot battles, and increase loots upon victory.

Relevant Skill: Shock, Sweep, Sputter, Confusion, Accurate.

Strategy: Decrease the effect of the environment towards the speed of the fleets, and increase defense during battle.

Relevant Skill: Thunder, Penetration,Lighting, Firm, Inspire

Navigation: Increase the experience gained by the explore during sails, and is the condition to decide orders in battle if the two sides have similar attributes.

Relevant Skill: Rapid Fire, Dodge, Repair.

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