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As one plays "Naviage", you will quickly learn that much of the success of the game depends on what technologies are researched at your Science Academy. There are 3 types of technology that can be found at the academy: technologies that will help you naviagate, technologies that will help you militarily, and finally technologies that will help you politically. We will look at all of these technologies in turn and in future articles.

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First, we will look at the maritime and navigation technologies. These should be researched when you need to want to get more benefit on how to trade, increase your ship speed or knowledge of sailing. The technologies in detail are as follows:

1. Navigation knowledge: Navigational knowledge can help reduce the marine navigator encountered storms, natural disasters such as a chance of being pulled into a whirlpool. This is a very useful skill to learn, especially if you like exploring since this skill will save your explorers a lot of future grief.

2. Geography: Geography will help you have increase your chance to discover unknown ports when exploring. Want to explore the world looking for hidden treasures? This skill is probably the most important on the whole list for you, followed only by the one below.

3. Outlook study: Searching for lost objects, exploring the unknown is the dream of every navigator. By delving into Outlook Study it can help you learn to expand the scope of your observation, so as to enhance your chances of exploration success.  As stated, if you do any exploration this skill is almost a must. The higher the number the more interesting things you will find.

4. Row Paddle Technique: Learning to efficiently use oars to increase the speed of a ship. One of the more 'Military' based skills you will get from the Navigation branch at the Science Academy. Needed to get better and faster ships.

5. Sailing School: Sailing school can improve the speed of any vessel that uses wind to power it. Great skill to learn for any sailing you need to do. Try to max this as soon as you can.

6. Wind Mechanical: Knowledge of the sea breezes around the world, even with teh changes of the seasons. Another great skill to raise as fast as possible, will help your ships speed increase to help you trade faster.

7. Escape Procedure: Once you realize you are outgunned you might need to make haste to save your fleet. Useful, but when hopefully used very rarely. Put a few ranks into it but no need to max it, which will be used mostly for fleeing in PvP.

8. Chase Technique: This technique allows you to chase any fleet that is trying to flee, effectively increasing speed to chase down ships trying to escape. This skill is more useful if you are a raider attacking merchant ships, but if you are a merchant and rarely fight, save the points for 'Escape Procedure'.

9. Currents Studies: Study of how the currents move around the earth. Warm currents are pushing the cold and vice versa. Following these routes can increase the Maximum speed of all ships by 5%. Since it covers ALL ships this is another very useful skill to take. The requirements are usually the steepest, but worth it.

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Next we will have a breakdown of all the Military skills, and their usefulness. Don't forget to check out Yeepgame for all the great games we offer!

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