Naurto Saga Guide: Skill

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In Naurto Saga, you can upgrade skill level to enhance partner's skill effect.

Click 'Skill' button to open its interface

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Upgrade Skill

  1. There are four skills that correspond to partner`s four skills. For example: When you upgrade `Skill 1`to Lv.1, then all your partners first skill will be upgraded from Lv.0 to Lv.1 automatically
  2. Each skill can be upgraded 3 times to Lv.3
  3. To upgrade skill, you will need to activate the 7 ambient attributes. After the activation, some of your partner's attribute will be increased.
  4. To upgrade skill, it also requires a certain amount of Secret Art which can be got in the Hand Seal system.

Obtain Secret Art

In the skill interface, click the 'Obtain Secret Art' button in the bottom right corner to open its interface.

Naurto Saga Screenshot

Generate gestures by hand seal practice and use them to light the above icons

  1. Obtain Secret Art by practicing hand seal
  2. Players have 20 free practices every day
  3. Click Free Hand Seal, then 3 random gestures will appear. If any of the three gestures is the same as the required one, then that gesture can be activated (activate the gesture one by one)
  4. When all the above gestures are activated, you can practice the hand seal of the next star-level
  5. After each hand seal practice, you will get a certain amount of Secret Art. Light the gesture can get you more Secret Arts (Star level-related)
  6. When you use up the free practices, you can spend some ingots to add more hand seal tries
  7. Hand Seal can be divided into 5 star levels. The number of gesture required for each star level is equal to the star level+1

Gestures needed to be activated (2-Star Gesture)

Click Free Hand Seal, then 3 random gestures will appear

Naurto Saga Screenshot



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