Naruto Saga Guide: Tresure Hunt

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Silver is a common currency in Naruto Saga. You will need it everywhere in the game. So, how to get it?

Treasure Hunt would be your best choice to gain silver.

When player reaches a certain level, the treasure hunt system will unlock.

Click Treasure Hunt to enter its interface

Treasure Hunt interface

Click Treasure Adventure button to enter the treasure hunt interface

The default route is the one in the middle, with one resource point. If you want more silver, you can click Refresh Route to refresh a new route. This operation will cost you a certain amount of Ingots or Cash Gifts.

Click Start when you are satisfied with the route

Other players may plunder you during the treasure hunt process. So, you should enhance your combat power to defeat the plunderers

Of course, you can plunder other players as well. Move your mouse over other player's ship, you can view the information of that ship

If you feel insecure, you can invite your friends to help you hunt the treasure and escort the sail.

After you completing the sail, a massage will pop up and inform you this treasure hunt has completed. And then, you can claim the silver.



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