Naruto Saga Guide: Spiritual Beasts

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What is cooler than taking along the cute Summoning Beasts in Naruto Saga? Players can summon them in the battle. They don`t attack but can add attributes for their masters.

Spiritual Beast is available when players reach the required levels.

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System Interface

Naruto Saga Screenshot

Additional Attributes

Spiritual Beasts can add three attributes to the characters: Attack (unlocks at Lv.1), HP (unlocks at Lv.40) and Speed (unlocks at Lv.80)

Summoning Upgrade

Increasing Spiritual Beasts` summoning levels costs Summoning Power. Click on and Summoning Power Points will be automatically deducted and added to EXP for summoning upgrade. Once the EXP is full, summoning will automatically level up.


To summon, players should firstly reach the Transform Level of the Spiritual Beast you wish to summon, choose the Spiritual Beast you wish to summon, click on "Summon"; button and spend a certain Summoning Powers.Transformation lasts 1 hour (and can be removed manually). Advanced Spiritual Beast`s transformation lasts 2 hours.

How to Get Summoning Power

You can get Summoning Power by winning event rewards or clicking to buy it on the Summoning interface. Also, Temp Summoning Card is available in the Shop.

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