Naruto Saga Guide: Quest System

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Quest System is one of the main and common systems in Naruto Saga. The plots in the game are connected by quests.

1.Players don't need to run to a specific NPC to take quest, as quests in this game are accepted automatically when player meets the condition

2.Quest can be divided into main, side, daily and other special types. The main plot unfolds through a series of main quests.

On the right side of the main interface, you can find a quest track panel, which can be hidden by clicking the button in the right corner

Naruto Saga Screenshot

Quest Main Interface

Here displays the detailed information of quests, such as completion condition and rewards of each quest

Click 'Claim Reward 'to claim the quest reward

Naruto Saga Screenshot

Plot Interface

Various plots might be triggered while you are doing a quest. You can click 'Skip Plot'button to skip them

Players can get equipment by completing main quest.

Each quest adopts a set of star rating system

When the server is up, the top 10 players who completethe instance with full stars rating will get SSS equipment as reward



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