Naruto Saga Guide: Newbie Tips

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Naruto Saga is a new ninja-themed MMORPG published by IceGames recently. And below are some tips for all the new gamers. Hope these may do some help for your gameplay.

It is important to note the open sever time, register an account, prepare newbie card and become VIP for those who want quick upgrade and stay ahead. Becoming VIP is very helpful for quick upgrade.

It is the fastest upgrade way to follow the main tasks. As for the newbies of Path to Hokage, the main tasks can make them familiar with all the operations and game plots soon. Besides the main tasks, branched and daily task are also important. If tasks are suspended, tasks can be connected if muti-replaying instance. Keep tasks to be completed until there is no task to do.

Consuming certain ingots or replaying instance to get Spirit if want quick upgrade. There are some tips to select instance. Try to select the instance that could provide materials to upgrade Scroll.

Pay attention to enhance your own strength. Upgrade rate will be increased if your combat power is enhanced. Enhance Rune at first. We suggest take attacking Rune as the principle thing to keep the same level with you. Why not all the Rune can be enhanced? As we all know, silver is limited at first. Silver is far enough if not enhance. It is not hard to clear

the instance at first. Stage clearance is easy. The main goal is to end battle as soon as possible. So attack becomes the main choice. Then is upgrading skills. Upgrade skills can increase it own attributes and promote skill results. As for rich players, it is a fast way to buy powerful partners directly. As for the common players, it is also a good way to use prestige to recruit partners by replaying in arena.

As for the players that can`t keep online all the time, they can select hot spring pattern to auto play.



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