Naruto Saga Money Tips

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We are here to share with you a set of Naruto Saga Money tips that will hopefully help you get as many stars as possible and do it as fast as possible!

1. First, follow the tasks. Basic required silver will be rewarded during the process of upgrade.

2. Second, lucky cat. Tons of silver are available by using lucky cat. If you are a common player, we suggest that only use lucky cat for first few times with expensing little coupon.

3. It is important to complete daily tasks. Tons of silver will be rewarded if tasks are completed. The tasks has 5 levels, S-A-B-C-D, whose characters decrease in order. The higher character, the more silver. If you are rich player, replaying S rank task is a good way to earn the most silver.

4. To acquire tons of silver by elite instance. It is difficult to complete elite instance. It is better to enhance players'power before battling. There is one free elite instance flight everyday. But we suggest that flight with elite instance twice everyday by expensing few ingots.

5. Certain silver will be rewarded if stage cleared. There will be tons of silver by selling the materials that received from instance drops.

6. World BOSS: Try to rank top 3 by challenging BOSS. You may rank top 1 with good luck. There are 3 times to fight with BOSS everyday. If you are out of luck, it is fine to make 1% damage without replaying. Don't flight when BOSS blood left 5%-10%. Keep certain instance and wait good chance to give the final blow. Be known how much damage you could cause to the BOSS. If 10,000 damage you can cause, give the final blow when BOSS has tens of thousands of blood. Then the repel prize with numerous rewards is yours.



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