Naruto Saga Guide: Enhance Weapon

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In the world of Naruto Saga, a proper weapon is equally crucial in performing tasks. Among a wide variety of weapons in Naruto Saga, Darts and Kunai are regularly used, especially Kunai which is not only suitable for mid-ranged and melee battles but also easy to be made and matched with other weapons like Explosive Tags. In addition, there are some special weapons in the game, such as Orochimaru's Sword of Kusanagi

and The Third Hokage's staff.

Either the regular or special weapon can be enhanced and upgraded. Players can click on "Enhance" in the main city Konoha Village to open Upgrade Weapon panel, upgrading them to get better attributes and higher


On the Enhance panel, players can click the weapons they have on the right to see the attribute difference before Enhance and after Enhance which are respectively labeled white and green for better comparison. Listed at the bottom of the panel are the cost and Enhance success rate for this Enhance. The higher the

level, the less the cost and the smaller the success rate you will have.

Weapons, shields and accessories can all be enhanced. Apart from the average attributes, some weapons and shields can have more extra attributes. For example, Torrid Sword adds not only Attack, but also SG ATK,

S. ATK, and Attack Speed to the characters. The words in red below state the requirement characters to get this equipment and other related info.

Apart from the above features, players can also get a weapon by synthesizing Weapon shards which are placed in the bag, the place where equipment, weapons and other are stored. To open the bag, just click "Bag" in the main city Konoha village shown as in the above picture, at the bottom of which is the info about the way and place to collect this weapon's shards. When players equip a weapon in the Bag, the info in the middle will state the attribute bonus the weapon brings to the players.

Each piece of equipment has quality, which can boost the base and Enhance attributes of the weapons, is

randomly generated.

To find the enhanced and equipped weapons, players can click on "Character" in the main city Konoha Village. In additional to equipping weapons and items for yourselves, players can also equip and enhance two weaponsfor your teammates. A well-equipped team can fight more effectively. Clicking "Formation" in the main city

Konoha Village can open Recruit panel. Recruiting or temporarily recruiting partners can greatly boost team

combat power, giving more choices for tactics and skills.

Naruto Saga is a ninja themed MMORPG based on the popular anime Naruto, featuring three ninja genres and

instinctive gameplays which will give you unique breath-taking game experience



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