Fog of War: Napoleonic War: Preview

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Fog of War: Napoleonic War

Napwar is a free MMORTS that offers the best in strategic empire building. The game is set in the "Napoleonic" age of Musketeers and Howitzers.  Being placed in a persistent real time world, you enter with a single city placed randomly in one of the countries of 18th century Europe. You must build up your armies, rank and prestige to attain the respect and loyalty of fellow players. The game is full of economics, diplomacy, and warfare. Empires rise and fall before your eyes as you take part in this ongoing struggle for supremacy!

Operable Military Combat system
This system allows you to actually give your military units orders in the mist of real time battle. Players may order their units to attack, defend, or retreat each thirty second round, allowing real time command of their units during the moments that count.

Fog of War: Napoleonic War

Realms of Power
Apart from player generated cities. There are towns, fortresses, provincial capitals, and royal capitals that are historically placed on the world map to represent 18th Century Napoleonic Europe.

Fog of War: Napoleonic War

The ability to capture these Realms of Power are unlocked and players race to control a “Sphere of Influence” that provides the ability to be promoted to higher military ranks which in turn allows players to control more cities and Realms of Power.  

Fog of War: Napoleonic War

A One Man Legend 
Officers have four primary statistics. Combat Power which adds bonuses to attack power and lowers unit training time, Politics which adds bonuses to city production and makes building construction faster, Sagacity which allows technologies to be researched faster and adds bonuses to scouting and increases the power of different “stratagems” or battle strategies. And lastly Command which increases the speed and power of troops. 
The Blue Officer/Famous Military Officers have skill statistics above what you see from regular officers throughout the game. Owning one of them can be one strike for all does. He would be a man that can defeat thousands or even more.

Fog of War: Napoleonic War

Equipment Boost
There are sixteen equipment slots available to each officer and equipment is vital in boosting officer statistics to make your military and civilian officers ever more powerful.

One can earn equipment from completing quests and participating in battles. The very best equipment can be earned from participating in the PvE battlefield. Successful campaigns across the Toulon Battlefield will result in Honor and Badges that can be exchanged for elite equipment.

Fog of War: Napoleonic War

But the road to becoming an Emperor is wrought with peril, and only those with true grit ever make the grade.   

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