Nadirim Reviews: Did Nadirim Really Capture players' Attention?

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Nadirim is a free to play 2D fantasy MMORPG set in an Arabian mythological world. Many times we see games built in many fantasy backdrops, ranging from the Chinese Three Kingdoms to Mordor, but rarely has any game using an Arabian Nights setting for their game world. This is a nice change of pace from what has become very normal over the years. The real question becomes, is this change going to be able to capture the attention of the players?

With a bit of old school flavor in the combat and the graphics, Nadirim is looking to lure a broad base of players to the game world and for those gamers to carve out their own story.

Quests and Leveling Up

Right from the start the game will present you with several quests to complete, and you will be in combat by your second quest. Which the games quest system right from the start has some great variety. You are not constantly being sent out to kill X number of monsters or retrieve X number of items that makes you have to kill thousands of monsters. Essentially you will not find much grind in your travels through the world of Nadirim.

What you will find though is a limit to those fights as you only have so much energy. Energy will replenish over time, but it does so slowly, and after you complete a few quests and fight monsters for a little over an hour or so, you will find your energy to be a bit lacking. While we understand the game dynamic behind an energy system, the limits it places on players can be very discouraging.

Once you have killed enough monsters or completed plenty of quests, you will level up. You are rewarded with new skills every time you level up, and new skill points. While the new skills came in very handy, the skill points were a bit of a mystery and we never did figure out how to assign them. It was nice to get an AOE skill by level three that came in very handy when fights would arise with multiple weaker monsters.

Combat, Grouping, and PVP

Combat is pretty basic and using a turn based combat system that also has different skills that players can use to attack, heal, or boost oneself or party members. Each turn every player and monster will get a chance to take action. Several skills have cool down periods and are not able to be used again until that cooldown has completed. So there is a bit of strategy especially when fighting monsters that are a bit tougher than your level.

Larger boss battles and boss monsters will require teamwork, and players will be able to group together and pool their abilities in the attempt to take down these more powerful creatures. Of course when a group is able to dispatch one of these more powerful creatures then they are handily rewarded with better gear and loot. So grouping is very worth the effort.

PvP in Nadirim currently only consists of simple duels between players, but rumor has it that there are more PvP options planned for future updates to the game. Duels are as simple as finding a player you wish to challenge and challenging that player to a Duel.

The Final Word

Nadirim provides a nice escape from the regular fair of fantasy 2D Browser Based free MMORPGs that are flooded on the market. There are some minor glitches, and the PvP could have more to it. Also, the energy system is a bit too restricting for a game that wants players to keep moving around, fighting and completing quests. Once a player runs out of energy, it can easily be seen that players will go do something else in some other game and potentially not return to the world of Nadirim. Overall though, the game is fun and offers something for all types of casual players.

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