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Mythopolis is a new browser based strategy game that based on the ancient legends of Greek. In Mythopolis hero play an important part. Below is a instruction to the Hero System of Mythopolis.

Game Feature-Hero System

By vanessa in the official forum

Hero System is one the?most important playing point of the game, combining the elements of both the Strategy and RPG games, and bearing the Equipment System.?There are Regular Heroes and Legendary Heroes in Mythopolis. Legendary Heroes are all?heroes in Greek Mythology and truly?heroes?in the history of Ancient Greece. There are three levels of heroes in the game, including?Golden, Silvery and Coppery level. Recently, There are 96 Legendary Heroes

Golden Legendary Hero (2-star hero) :15
Silvery Legendary Hero (1-star hero) :42
Coppery Legendary Hero (0-star hero) :39

Summon Cards of Heroes are the extension of Hero System. By the form of properties, They give?players some powerful heroes with timeliness, providing players exquisite experience and increasing the charge of Legendary Heroes.

The advantages of heroes run through the whole game, includes:
1.the necessary condition of deploy
2.influence the Resources and Civil Boosts
3.have a great influence on the judgment in the?battlefield
4.the necessary support for some extension quest and PVP??

Mythopolis Heroes

In these special functions, includes:

Zodiac Trials

Mythopolis Heroes?

Players can choose twelve Zodiacs, entering the interface of Zodiac Trials.

Mythopolis Heroes?

In the interface of Zodiac Trials, Players can assign different heroes,respectively
challenge Elite Guard, Gladiator and Guardian. With a certain probability, They can run into Escort Guardian, gaining experience,?training?pointsand all kinds of equipments and Zodiac Tokens.

With the use of Zodiac Tokens, players can exchange?different Zodiac tools. Different Zodiac has different special rewards. Players can also get offerings to upgrade their?titles.


Stadium provide the platform for the heroes of the players, including stadium and championships. In the?V1.0,?championships will not be opened temporally, first letting players familiarize the PVP by challenging in the stadi um.

Mythopolis Heroes

In stadium, players can assign their favorite heroes to challenge with other heroes of other players. The fame of heroes will increase if they win or lose if they lost . The status of?their fame determine their ranki ng.?

Mythopolis Heroes

There are limits of time for each hero. In limited times, with the results of challenge, heroes can obtain relevant feats that can exchange powerful equipments.

Training Labyrinth

Players can assign heroes to train in the Training Labyrinth according to their levels where they can gain all kinds of necessary experience props that needed for training heroes and?even?some charged props to increase the heroes’ ability?substantially. The training hours is 6, providing the function of off-line upgrading for the pla yers.

Mythopolis Heroes



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