Mythic Saga Guide: Relics

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What is a Relic?

Relics are your allies in the World of Mythic Saga. These mystical treasures will protect you, heal your injuries and even distract your enemies while you fight from a distance. Always take good care of your Relic.

Every adventurer should keep a Relic by their side. You can get your Relic from the Holy Saint when you reach level 25. Relics are divided into 5 levels:

Higher level Relics will give you powerful bonuses!

Mythic Saga Screenshot

Upgrading Your Relic

You can get unique and powerful Relics through Relic upgrades. When you upgrade your Relic you also improve its stats, attack power, and healing abilities!

You will need Relic Shards to upgrade your Relic.

How do I upgrade my Relic?

1. Click the Relic Icon at the bottom right of your screen to open the Relic Upgrade window.

Mythic Saga Screenshot

2. Drag your Relic to the Relic Upgrade Result screen that appears.

Mythic Saga Screenshot

3. Click the upgrade button or the letter "P" on your keyboard to upgrade your Relic.

Note: Although there is a chance for an upgrade to fail, you can improve your chances by increasing your Blessedness. Using Relic Shielding Scrolls will also protect your Relic from damage during upgrades.



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