Mythic Saga Guide: Quests

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Loop Quests

In Mythic Saga, once you reach level 25 you can complete Loop Quests by talking to the quest NPCs in each faction's capital city. You get experience and valuable items for each Loop Quest you complete.

  1. You can accept 1 Loop Quest per day. Each Loop Quest contains 10 separate Quests.
  2. You will earn gold and the materials needed to upgrade your gear from Loop Quests.
  3. You must complete each quest within 30 minutes.
  4. You can skip 3 quests within the loop per day.

Bounty Quests

Once you reach level 22 you can accept and issue Bounty Quests by talking to the Bounty Quest NPC in each faction's capital city. You will get lots of experience when you complete your Bounty Quests!

Issuing Bounty Quests:

  1. You must be at least Level 22 to issue or accept a Bounty Quest.
  2. Bounty Quests are separated into five categories: Heroic, Royal, Holy, Celestial and god-like. The higher your Bounty Quest's level the more experience you get for completing the quest.
  3. You can issue up to 4 bounty quests per day. You will be able to issue new bounty quests after 12 AM each day.

Accepting Bounty Quests:

  1. You can only accept bounty quests that match your level.
  2. You must pay a deposit fee (coins) to post your bounty quest. You will get your deposit back when your quest is completed.
    Note: High level bounty quests require higher deposits.
  3. You can only accept 6 Bounty Quests per day.
  4. You must finish accepted Bounty Quests within the time limit or fail the quest.

Supply Quests

An army marches on its stomach and need to supply your faction's forces with food to keep your soldiers happy. Completing an Arms Supply Quest is a great way to earn credits, experience and merit.

Mythic Saga Screenshot

Arms Supply Quests:

  1. You can accept Arms Supply quests once you reach level 20. Higher level quests will have you deliver Arms to different locations.
  2. You must pay deposit when you accept an Arms Supply quest and will lose this deposit if you do not complete the quest within the time limit.
  3. While delivering the supplies you cannot attack other players or participate in PVP battles.

Daily Quiz

The Daily Quiz is held daily from 12:00 to 12:08p.m. and 6:00 to 6:08p.m. PDT/PST. Two minutes before every quiz starts, a countdown timer will appear in the lower-right corner of your screen. When the quiz starts, a background image will appear on your screen, type text on the image to start the Daily Quiz.

Daily Quiz contains 30 questions. Each correct answer will give you 10 points. You can also use the "Double Points" and "More Help" options.

Double points will double the points you receive for a correct answer.

Pay 10 Gold to use the help option and have the question answered for you.

The Daily Quiz Ranking will appear after the end of each quiz. You will get experience and gold according to the number of points you earned. When you are in the Top 20 on the rankings list you get a special prize!



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