Mythic Saga Guide: Getting Strong in no Time

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Here is a guide about the GETTING STRONG IN NO TIME in Mythic Saga. Thank TempleKnight who posted it on Official Forum. If you have any problem about it, just check below:

Hello, this is my first guide for new player. This is all based from my experience in CBT1 and CBT2. There might be some info missing, i may forgot or i maybe missed it. But feel free to add any info so i could update it. Again, this guide is for newbie who are starting the game and barely have any info on what to do.

1. Class Choosing
In every game, whenever u start the game u will always have to choose which charater u are going to be role playing with. As for Mythic Saga, there is 4 class that can be choosen.

- Warrior : Melee attacker, have very good defense and attack and high hp but lack of dps. This is the class that are the best at tanking and at the same time deals decent damage. The cons of choosing Warrior are lack of dps skills, high cooldown.Definitely choose this class if u liked to solo the game and rarely socializing

- Assassin : Melee attacker, have high melee atk, moderate defense and hp, high dodge and critical. Comapred all of class, Assassin definitely have the best dps in the game. With high attack, u can deal massive damage in short of time. The downside of assassin is that it isnt really hard to take down because of that moderate defense and hp.

- Mage : Magic range attacker, have really high magic attack actually the best in the game. Super high critical. As any other game that have mage class, it is a glass cannon type. Which means u can deal outrageously massive damage but at same time u are very fragile. Cons, low defense and hp.

- Priest : Magic range attacker, moderate magic attack, hp and defense. as the name said, Priest are a support class. This class isnt really top notch, but as when game reached mid point, priest is definitely a must in a team. People will definitely be looking for priest. As for now, priest healing have quite long cooldown, but this has been brought to Mythic Saga Devs for a review of priest class. A little bit tweaking and priest should be able to stand on par with other class.

Note :- Before u choose ur class, make sure u choose the class u liked the most and to ur style of role playing. Dont choose a class because someone said its stronger, its the best etc.U might end up regretting it and starting over.

Factions : There are the factions in the game, Mythos, Terra, Atlas. U can choose any faction u want to be with. Example if u choose Mythos, then Terra and Atlas will be ur enemies and vice versa.

2. Leveling up
To level up in Mythic saga is isnt that hard. From level 1 to level 42 (at least) it could be reached within 3 - 5 hours. Depends on the time u playing it. I will make just points on how to level so it will be easier to understand.
- Do every quest that are available to u.
- The game are pretty much auto, so it wont be a problem to search and kills.
- Dont forget to read the quest, because it teach u the basic mechanic of the game. (For new players)
- When u reached lvl 38, u can do repeatable quest. (Killing Elite Burglar) which give decent exp and gold, so my advice is get a full party and start killing. Each mob that ur party member kills will count towards ur quest too. So it will fast =)
- u will get another repeatable quest at lvl 41, this quest will be going on till u level 45.
- for lvl 46 and above, this is the start of ur grinding life in the game. Quest wont give u much exp, so u will have to grind.

Note :- Dont do ur ancient script quest yet. Wait till u get higher level, probably around 40+

3. Gearing up
As u level up, u will get new gear. Dont neglect doing quest, it will tell u how to craft gear. Gear has many grade. Crafted gear has 5 grade. Every grade will boost ur gear power.
Supreme --> Epic --> Legendary --> Mythical --> Godlike
Only crafted gear can be tempered and upgraded.This is the important part of gearing up, read it carefully so u wont be confused on how people get decent equipments in game. Ill be teaching u on how to get ur equipments to level 40.

Gear are divided into levels,
-level 10 gear
-level 15 gear
-level 20 gear
-level 25 gear
-level 30 gear
-level 35 gear
-level 40 gear and on (40 to 49)

The most important materials for tempering gear are pearl essence.
Pearl Essence Lv 1 for gear lvl 20 - 25
Pearl Essence Lv 2 for gear lvl 30 - 35
Pearl Essence Lv 3 for gear lvl 40 - 49
Pearl Essence Lv 4 for gear lvl 50 - 59
Pearl Essence Lv 5 for gear lvl 60+

Pearl essence can be obtained from Instance and World Boss.

Tips & tricks on tempering gear :-
- Dont craft gear above level 25, if the quest poping up window that wants u to craft gear above level 25, close it.
- Before tempering, try to get ur blessing to max. This will help u get higher chances on successful upgrade. U can ask ur friend or any other people from ur faction to bless u.
- Lvl 20-25 gear max temper are +8, so before u upgrade ur gear into higher levels, make sure its +8. U will be using pearl essence Lv 1 alot. So save up PE Lv 1 to get all ur gear to +8
- After ur gear reached +8, upgrade ur gear to level 30.
- at lvl 30, max temper for gear are +9. So now u see why i want u to get ur gear to +8 first before u upgrade it.
- Before trying to temper it, get ur friend to bless u or try ur luck at daily divination for a bless buff

- The step are the same till level 40 gear. Temper ur gear to +9 and upgrade it to higher level.
oh and u cant upgrade ur gear above ur level.

The most important part of equipments to be get/upgraded first :
1. Weapons
2. Armour
3. Legs
4. Helm
5. Boots
6. Gloves
7. Rings
8. Accessory

How to get ur weapons to Mythical quality :
for example,
-u have a level 35 sword +9, the first things u need to do is that imbued ur weapon.
-if u open upgrading window, u can find imbued option on the right of the window.
-Now the level 35 sword have 3 stats that can be increased by imbuing it. Max imbuing are level 3 for each stat.
-U need a fusion gem for each try on imbuing ur sword. Note that imbuing doesnt always successful, but if u failed, the chance will increase.
-After u get all 3 stat imbued to lvl 3, its time to upgrade ur weapon to lvl 40.
-After that, u need to temper ur sword to +10. Once again, make sure u have full blessing. Either ask ur friend for it, OR try ur luck at daily buff npc. Dont upgrade ur weapon if u dont have full blessing.

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