Mythic Saga Guide: Consecrating Gear

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Consecrate and upgrade your Gear to forge the best equipment in Mythic Saga!

To consecrate your Gear speak with Lord Jack in your faction's capital city. Lord Jack will give you 5 Consecration Stones when you speak with him and explain how to consecrate your items. You will need Crystals and Inscription Stones to consecrate your Gear.

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  1. You can only consecrate Gear above level 40.
  2. Your Gear must be of at least Fine Quality to consecrate.
  3. You should inscribe your Gear before consecrating it.
  4. You can only place one Consecration Bonus on each piece of Gear.
  5. Consecrating your Gear will affect its durability and quality.

[Inscription Stones]

  1. The number of Inscription Stones you need to Consecrate your Gear depends on the rank of the Crystal you use.
  2. Rank 2 Crystals require 2 Inscription Stones.
  3. You can get your Inscription Stones from the Shop.


  1. Crystals add powerful stat bonuses to your Gear.
  2. Your Gear must be level 10 and of good at least good quality to Disenchant.
  3. The higher the quality and level of your Gear, the rarer the items you will get when you disenchant your Gear.
  4. The type of Crystals you receive from disenchanting your Gear will depend on the attributes of your Gear. A warriors Gear is more likely to give attack boosting crystals.
  5. You can combine low rank Crystals to create higher rank Crystals at the Upgrade Materials Window.

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Tip: Disenchanting your old Gear is a great way to get more Crystals!

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Once your Gear meets all the requirements, you can go see Lord Jack to consecrate your Gear. By using Seal Gems you can protect your gear from downgrades during consecration.



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