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Mythic Heroes


Mythic Heroes is a role playing game with strategic elements set in a world of Greek Mythology. Adventure and explore vast lands of Greece, while simultaneously building the empire of Argos. Recruit powerful Heroes in your quest to stop the evil Hades from destroying and invading the world of men. Challenge your neighbors and friends to see who reigns as the most powerful Mythic Hero!

How to play

The whole story includes 6 chapters; generally each chapter has 3 maps, with at least one Dungeon.

You must defeat all of the story enemies on each map to advance to the next map. You'll also be able to further adventure, train your Heroes, enhance equipment, upgrade technologies and even craft unique powerful equipments.

General Game Story

A long time ago, Ancient Greece stood as a peaceful and serene world, where Gods and men coexisted. Now that peace is threatened by a unlikely force, the Underworld God Hades himself. He has called forth vast Legions of Armies to aid him in his conquest of Greece. He intends to conquer the beautiful land of Greece and turn it into the Underworld.

You are the son of King Pheidon, ruler of the great city of Argos. The forthcoming invasion of Hades' Legions has abruptly arrived at the gates of your city while you were away. Rushing back to the city, you find that its defenses are weakened, and that King Pheidon has been captured. Seeking immediate revenge, you lead a unit into battle in hopes of defending Argos

After defending your city, you receive tutoring on how to correctly run it during the absence of King Pheidon. While learning, you also construct a plan on where to begin to get your father back. Scouting the perimeter lands of Argos for clues, you find out that a massive Persian force is arriving by sea. A Perisan messenger has been sent to Sparta to negotiate but has failed, thus war Is upon Greece. Although you are not obligated to help the Spartans defend their city, you feel that your country is the one at stake, thus you agree to help.

Several quests and chapters later, you inevitably find out that rescuing your father may not be the most important thing, as the threat of Hades grows ever larger and if not dealt with, Greece will be in utter chaos. Here you decide to continue your epic adventuring to defeating Hades by any means necessary.

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