Introduction about Gameplays of 3D Web Game: My Heroes

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My Heroes is the first 3D web game self-developed by Gamewave Group. This game takes western cartoon magic theme as background, and rescuing princess as subject, presenting a vivid game world in Cute Version. Since professions in this game are not specifically allocated, players may experience different gameplays from various professions in single one battle. Through different styles of battle scenes, straightforward gaming experiences and multi-mode battle confrontations, players may easily find the joy of this game. Five main features in this game are quite enough to meet all the needs from players. Right now, My Heroes was still on internal testing, and its beta version would be launched on March 29th.

Gameplays of My Heroes

My Heroes Screenshot

Log into My Heroes, you can first see a piece of plot animation and rescue a princess, then you can start to create a role. Since you don't have to choose a specific profession, you can just start the game after all this.

My Heroes Screenshot

The main interface in My Heroes is divided into several functional areas, including: Arena (the place for battle), Hall of Fame (the ranking), Mall (to buy what you need), Bakery (the place where you can be on-hooked and get reward), Expedition (still not available in this test) and Arsenal.

My Heroes Screenshot
The Main Interface In My Heroes

My Heroes Screenshot
Bakery in My Heroes

After choosing an arena, you can just enter into the lobby. The modes in My Heroes are divided into: Princess Grabbing, Massive Battle, Massive Battle in Team, Zombie Mode (still not available in this test) and Gold Coins Robbing (randomly). Check out the specific gameplays below.

My Heroes Screenshot

Princess Grabbing Mode

In the game of My Heroes, players are in a real-time system, and instead of have a specific profession, players are free to change professions in different battles. During battles, players change professions as the time you pick up a different set of equipment. When you pick up a sword, soldier you are. Soldiers have a big amount of blood and high defense ability, whose special skill can also kill a group of enemies at the same time; Picking up a gun, you will become a more powerful gun fighter. Gun fighters can quickly cut into the battlefield with onrush skill; Scepter turns you into a full-time priest. Priests can not only cure individual players, but charge blood for the whole group. Although priests have no ability to attack, priests can provide an additional energy cover to defuse an attack; Those who has turned into a musketeer can fire multiple bullets each attack, and attack in a large range after charging.

Following are interfaces of battles in My Heroes, which will allow 20 player to participate in simultaneously at the most.

My Heroes Screenshot

In princess grabbing mode, players are sorted into red and blue teams, with the mission of rescuing princess from the other team's castle and successfully delivering to the throne, while at the same time ensuring that the other princess is still locked up in prison for the win. Players should be the one to grab princess back from the other castle. While the lovely princesses are quite indicated with food, the more cakes she eats, the fatter she gets to be. Fatter princess may create trouble for the other team to rescue.

My Heroes Screenshot

In the game of My Heroes, except for changing professions to fight, players can also use tools, like bombs, spring bed, portals, etc., to make the game more interesting.

My Heroes Screenshot

My Heroes Screenshot

My Heroes Screenshot

After winning a battle, you can not only gain experience value, but grab the treasure box and get rich rewards as well.

My Heroes Screenshot



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