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My Heroes is the first 3D web game self-developed by Gamewave Group. This game takes western cartoon magic theme as background, and rescuing princess as subject, presenting a vivid game world in Cute Version. Professions in this game are not specifically allocated, and players may experience several professions in one single battle. Through different styles of battle scenes, straightforward gaming experiences and multi-mode battle confrontations, players may easily find the joy of this game. Five main features in this game are quite enough to meet all the needs from players. Check out the specific game features below.

Distinctive roles

The roles in My Heroes are various, some are good at remote attacks, and some are skilled at fight in short distance, and others may use the incredibly powerful bombs as their means to attack. In one word, My Heroes experiences you different gameplays.

Multiple game modes

My Heroes has multiple game modes, most of which focus on confrontation. In the mode of either teamwork or individual fighting, this game can always satisfy your competitive desire. Players may get infinite fun from various confrontation modes, like innovative princess grabbing mode, classic battle mode, and so on.

My Heroes Screenshot

Great redressing system

Every player dreams about brilliant equipment. Distinctive and unique dressing styles can definitely meet your needs. Also, you are free to match up and make up a unique dress, and then you will become the point of attention. My Heroes has prepared thousand sets of equipment for you to match up. Plentiful fashion systems are just what you want.

My Heroes Screenshot

Simple mode of operation

DOTA is a bit complex, Sport games is a little troublesome. Well, My Heroes will refresh your awareness of Sport games absolutely. There is no complicated instruction and guiding, as long as you access to this game, you will feel so easy to operate.

Multiple experiences in one battle

Battle sets are not categorized into professions and levels. Anytime you pick up different equipment, you will be able to take up a different profession. You are free to shuttle from different professions to find out the most satisfied one. Delicate operation, cooperative team and no-level conception will be the only way to win.

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Princess grabbing mode

There are two rescue teams in red and blue respectively in My Heroes, with the mission of rescuing princess from the other team's castle and successfully delivering to the throne, while at the same time ensuring that the other princess is still locked up in prison for the win. During the rescue, you can provide delicious cakes to the princess you locked in to get her fatter, which may create trouble for the other team to rescue.

Massive fight mode

This is a brutal competition. All the other players are the enemies to you, so no one will help you. You can only defeat as much enemies as possible to win by ensuring you are still alive. However, when you just feel tired (3 minutes later), the “flame stone "in the battlefield will be lit on. Touching the flame stone, you can greatly improve your combat effectiveness, where also becomes the base of your harvest.

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Massive fight in team mode

This is a contest between team and team. At the beginning of the game, both sides have fixed value of life. Any death will reduce the fixed value of life in the team. You can fight with teammates, defeat as much enemies as possible in the case of reducing the loss, and lower the other team's fixed value of life to zero to win this contest.

My Heroes Screenshot

Gold coins robbing mode

Gold coins robbing mode in My Heroes which is randomly selected by the system is not optional for players. If you are so lucky to be put into this scene, you can just enjoy all the coins from the Heaven. Of course, if there are other warriors coming along with you, whether fighting or sharing will depend on your will of harmony.

My Heroes Screenshot

Zombie mode

In zombie mode, you may not be able to determine your class origin, but it does not affect your victory. In the initial status of the game, the system will force some people to become "zombies", which is the start of battle between zombie and human. Those who are killed will become zombies; Advanced zombies may get resurrected after being killed, and those zombies at low level will be dead forever after being killed. Limited time, limited resources, it is the contest between fate and survival. Are you able to balance?



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