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Monster MMORPG

We collected this guide from officail forum, hope it will help new players.

How To Catch A Monster

New users are wondering how to catch a monster. It takes too long to explain in the chat so, we are going to use images to explain quicker.

Now, you would have to purchase monster catching items at the Monster Market.

Monster MMORPG

Enter a battle with a monster after you purchased the items. In the battle screen, you will see:

Monster MMORPG

Scroll down on that and you will see a list of your monster boxes. Then, click on your monster box. After you have done that, click on "Throw monster box"

You have successfully caught the monster.

Quick note : This is currently for Alpha version since we have Ultimate Boxes sold cheaply. In Beta version (official game), Ultimate Boxes will cost (this is an estimate) 100x more than what it did in Alpha. So, make sure you weaken the monster before catching it. Give it a near Chuck Norris experience.

*Quick Note #2 : A near Chuck Norris experience can also be said as "A near Death experience".

What is a [CM], [SCM], and [GM]?.

A [CM] is a Chat Master or Moderator that watches over the chat to see if anyone is breaking the rules. They have the ability to delete others messages and chat ban users for 15 minutes.

An [SCM] is a Super Chat master or Moderator which is the same thing but a color change.

A [GM] is a Game Master or Moderator which has more abilities than a regular Chat Master.

How To Get To Another Map

To find out where a place in the game is at, you are free to use this overall game map :

To see how to change to a different map, you will see:

Monster MMORPG

Under the directional arrows and above the PVP buttons.

The red dots on the main map indicate that there is an exit there.

Monster Storage

To find where you bought your monster, it will be in your storage.

If you catch a monster and you already have 6 monsters in your team, it will be transferred to your storage.

To find where your storage is, go to the monster center:

Monster MMORPG

This is where your storage is:

Monster MMORPG

Click that and you are able to change your team up.

How long does it take to catch a legendary?

Each legendary monster have a lower percentage rate than regular monsters and zenith class monsters. Each legendary monster have their own catch rate percentage so the challenge is easy at first but then gets more challenging. It all depends on how much time you spend on trying to catch it and if you're lucky or not.

It also depends if your patient or not. If you have patience, you will find.

Tip : Look at the image and name before clicking run.

Being an authorized person in the game.

To become an authorized person in the game (Chat Master, Moderator, etc.), it requires hard work, maturity, and you have hardly been chat banned or reported.

Random people will be chosen/recognized for the position. You may even be recommended by current Chat Masters.

If you ask to be a chat master, it will lower your chances to be one. It shows that you are impatient and only care about having more power than a regular member.

So, do not ask to be a chat master. You will have your time soon.

Using Monster Dex to Your Advantage

If you need help seeking a monster, knowing it's weaknesses/strengths, which level it learns a move and what MT/AI it learns, you can use the monster dex.

It will tell you if a monster is catch able or non-catch able. It will also show you how much exp it has at level 100, the monster's abilities, move-set, stats, and the map it is located on.

Also, it's evolution chain if it has one.

Monster Dex URL :

Use it to your advantage in the game.


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