Minecraft Review: The Lazy Man's Lego or a New Platform of Creativity?

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By chemicalppt from

Well, Im sure plenty of you have seen or heard some sort of reference to Minecraft in the past few months, people who regularly use the internet or followers of memes in general may have seen some of the Minecraft memes along the way:


Minecraft started out as a basic browser only game where you could create anything your mind could make up, albeit in an 8-bit manner. Its popularity started growing and it was released as a fully downloadable game after purchase. At last count there were 6,865,518 that had bought the game on PC.

Here is a great little fan-made trailer I came across today (heads up to Gary Scott for showing me)

I have one friend who likes to use alot of glass and lava in his buildings (he knows who he is) and I must admit I really do love those "eye-sores".  Another friend has a liking for building underwater and one young lady likes to build tree-houses. Though sadly it suffered a terrible tragedy today and was burnt alive!


The remnants of the tree/leaves and house can be seen above. Pictures of the actual fire were not obtained as the owner was in too much distress! Can't blame her, I'd be upset too!

Whilst I was only a light user of Lego back in the day, my love of all things Gamer and it's culture have swept me into this game that is so versatile in its simplicity. All in all I adore this game and have spent many hours playing it on PC and most recently on Xbox, it is fast becoming a gaming sensation as more and more people hear about it, I truly urge you to give it a try with some friends if possible, as, like many games, it's so much more fun with friends!

Final bit of advice:


You can read full review here.



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