Metal Gear Survive Review

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If you are a big fan of long-running video games, with incredibly long playtime, then Metal Gear Survive released recently by Yu Sahara, Yuji Kaine, and Yota Tsutsumizaki(Konami team) is a must play game for you. If you are not a fan of such games with a long runtime, then Metal Gear Survive might not work out for you. We anticipate that Metal Gear Survive will be open to play at several online casinos in the near future. Perhaps on a new platform, many will wonder whether playing the game is possible at a PayPal Casino but in the meantime, you can enjoy the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox and Microsoft Windows. In short, this is Metal Gear Survive.

Metal Gear Survive starts off in the same way that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain concluded. The scene is a messy planet in which the remnants of the members of the attacking XOF forces and the Snake's Militaires Sans Frontières are scattered all over the place with no breathing human being in sight. The planet in Metal Gear Survive is however named differently to the planet in Metal Gear Solid, in Metal Gear Survive the planet the game takes place is called Dite.

In Metal Gear Survive, there is a new twist however different from other Metal Gear Solid games. The new twist is that the planet of Dite has new creatures, some monsters,and Zombies. The monsters and Zombies are enemies themselves but when you enter the frame, they make a truce and identify you as the biggest enemy.

One of the downsides of Metal Gear Survive is that your character is nameless. This nameless ‘you’ character is sent via the wormhole to Dite by a U.N scientist named Goodluck. You have two duties while down there at Dite, the first one is to find a cure for a parasite that infected you and the second duty is to find your fellow comrades who may be still alive in Dite.

The game is not that immersive as you do not have to engage any of the enemies in combat but you do so via text and voiceovers over a static screen. The game demonstrates the beauty of AI companion as you exchange texts with the enemy. However, for players who love to engage in the game in combat, Metal Gear Survive will disappoint you as it does not have any of that.

The game is dictated by thirst, hunger, and health. Health can be easily managed by avoiding damage from enemies but thirst and hunger are two elements that constantly diminish as you play. The trick, therefore, is to play as fast as you can so that you progress to the next level of the game before the thirst and hunger bars drop to zero. Once the bars drop to zero, you restart the level and if you progress to the next level, the bars will be recharged once again.
The rapid decrease in thirst and hunger bars and also the difficulty in looking for the food and water to quench the thirst makes Metal Gear Survive a difficult game to play as you have to manage your hunger levels while at the same time looking to execute the duties you were sent to do.



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