Merc Elite Guide: Beginner's Battle

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BATTLE – combat zone drop!

In Merc Elite, there are several maps that have their own, unique design, pathways and obstacles in between. Whilst the Pesci Plaza has several very narrow pathways leading through bombed out ruins, ending in smaller open plazas, the Harbour has a giant ship as a center piece.

Every map features three domination points (Alpha, Bravo and Charlie). Stand just right in the circle around these points and you will see how you start capturing it. Except of course an enemy walks right into you and tries to stop you from doing so. Strength in numbers will solve this issue, as the domination points can still be captured, if you have more Mercs in the circle than the enemy does. If you hold the majority of domination points, the enemy team will start bleeding tickets and as soon as the tickets reach zero, you have won the match. This, of course, also goes for your own team! So you better go and rush to capture those points quickly!

But this is of course not without danger, as the domination points only have little to no cover at all and it is never good to are on the receiving end of a gun without cover!

So use the map pings wisely to instruct your team where you are going, where they should go and don't forget – you can also chat! But be polite and constructive, because rage leads to losing focus and this leads to losing the match! And, well, that will certainly not "impress the client!"

And now get into it and read on to know how to win!

Table of Contents:

-General information – Your HUD, Controls + Basic Functions
-Skills, Elite Points, Ultimates
-True Line of Sight, Cover system, Height Level
-Damage, Weapon Ranges, Reloading, Damage mitigation
-Avoiding Damage, Health Regen, Respawning, Winning!


the HUD (head-up display)

To get the overview, we will start with the Head up Display, in short, the HUD.

In the top left are the settings, the camera control

slightly below this is your Mercs' portrait picture, together with his Hitpoints and EP.

The main screen will display your Merc in the relative centre (by default, can be changed by clicking on the camera control button)

In the bottom-middle you see your Skillbar. The default configuration for executing these skills is QWERF. If you hover above the icons a tooltip will appear giving you more detailed information about the skill in question.

Right under your skillbar the Hitpoints and Elitepoints of your Merc are visible. Your Hitpoints will decrease if you receive damage, your Elitepoints will increase if you defend your domination points, capture new ones, kill other players, assist during a kill, and a lot more opportunities.

On the right side of the screen your Team-mates are displayed. You will see their name, health and EP bar – this happens all in real time, so you better have an eye on your mates and act accordingly.

controls + basic functions

In short: you move with your right mouse button, you shoot with your left mouse button. The letters Q,W,E,R,T,F are used to activate various skills.


You are able to move a unit by constantly holding down the right mouse button. The unit will move to the position, the mouse is pointing at (or as close as possible). You can still use the left mouse button, for instance to unlock and/or use skills. If you move the mouse over an enemy Merc while holding down the right mouse button, the mouse pointer's shape will switch to the attack symbol and the unit will attack the target. Moving the mouse button further on the map, the Merc will stop attacking and move to the mouse pointer again.

Also: clicking on a point in the minimap will give your Merc the order to move to that point immediately (or as closely as possible if that point is not reachable)

Attacking units

To attack an enemy unit, you must move the cursor over the unit you wish to attack. The cursor will turn red and, by right-clicking, you will give your Merc the command to attack.

Using Skills

To use skills you will need to press the according hotkey or activate the skill via left clicking on the icon of the skill. To execute the skill it requires another left-click where ever you want (or can) apply the effect.

If you select an area out of skill range, the Merc will move into range and execute the skill as soon as it is in range.


Every Merc-class has a unique skill set that fits his unique role – be it the highly agile Commando Roll of the Assault or the Shells-to-the-face approach with the Juggernaut's Buckshot!

The skills can put into different categories:

** directional
** non directional

And now for some examples:

A targeted skill is the Headshot of the Assault. You activate the skill, aim at an enemy, fire and see huge chunks of the enemies hit points disappear.
An aimed skill can have two different ways of aiming:

A directional skill is the Dual Strike of the Tactician. You activate the skill and it will show the direction and the corridor of the skill. Click somewhere in that direction and the skill will blast off in that direction. But the skill will be blocked if there is intervening terrain somewhere in the middle.

A non directional skill is the Protective Field of the Tactician. You first activate the skill and afterwards choose a target that should receive the Protective Field. This can also be casted if there is intervening terrain between the Merc and its target.

An unaimed skill is the Juggernauts Augmented Shield. You activate the Augmented Shield and it will immediately be deployed on the Juggernaut.

Elite Points!

Right below your Hitpoints is a second bar – these are your Elite Points. You can use them for your Tier3+ Skills and your Ultimates. You can just play the waiting game and they will accumulate over time – but veeeeeeeery slowly. The fast way to your Ultimate (and you want your Ultimate ready at all times basically!) is by doing some amazing feats.

These are:

  • Capturing a Domination Point
  • Neutralizing a Domination Point
  • Killing an enemy unit (an enemy unit on equal level in the field)
  • Kill Assist (being in assist range of the target)
  • Offensive Kills (killing an enemy Defender in assist range of a hostile Domination point)
  • Defensive Kill (killing an enemy Attacker in assist range of a friendly Domination point)
  • Be a Martyr (getting killed in assist range of a domination point while defending it)
  • Base Defense (being in defense range and holding position)

Ok, now you have been the Hero of the match – captured Domination points, defended them bravely while wiping out the whole enemy team one-handely and are now fully loaded on EP (the bar below your Hitpoints is full). What comes next?


Every Merc also has a unique Ultimate skill, which you need Elite Points to activate! The Ultimate is the epitome of every Mercs skill-set and therefore will use up all the EP the Merc has accumulated! Usually it is a weapon of mass destruction like the bombardment of the Heavy Gunner, but can also be more of a scalpel like the Roundhouse of the Recon.

True Line of Sight

"We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit…"

To hit, you have to see your target. And Mercs only can see what they actually can see – if you hide behind a pillar and your enemy sneaks around the other side, he will not see you. On the downside – you won't neither. Your eleviated position on the battlefield can only help you so far. If you have an intelligent enemy that knows how to duck and cover, he will outsmart and outgun you in the long run!

And of course this offers a variety of tactical possibilities: find out some dark corners in an otherwise very open space and plan an ambush: the huge amount of burst damage coming from two Assaults and a Recon can mow down basically anything!

Cover system

Specific objects on the battle field can provide units with protection. When a location on the map offers protection the cursor will change to indicate cover.

there are different ways of taking cover. Depending on the material and state of the obstacle that is shielding you from the incoming bullet storm, you will receive reduced damage.

If you are in cover, the "Cover Ring" will appear. The cover ring consists of up to 32 segments – the full circle – that are placed around your Merc. Several small, blue segments will indicate from which direction you are shielded by cover and several small, red segments will indicate the direction where you are receiving damage from.

Hiding behind cover is not a sign of weakness or cowardice but a wise tactic.

But of course, Grenades can still be lobbed over cover and rockets also only care so much about cover. Sometimes it is better to avoid damage altogether.

Height Level

There different height levels on the maps – units on higher ground will have an advantage over units on lower levels.

A higher level can only be reached by using a ramp. Ramps don't provide any bonus, they only serve the purpose to get access to higher ground.

Height Borders:
Height borders are vision blockers for Mercs in lower terrain. For Mercs on higher ground, they don't block the vision. And while Mercs on lower terrain don't have vision to higher ground, they are allowed to throw grenades on the higher level.

BUT: Area effects (like area damage) stop at the height borders. A grenade thrown on the second level, will only cause damage on the second level. For this, the center of the area effect is the key: if the center is on level 1, then only level 1 is affected.

Units on higher ground cannot be seen from below.
Units on higher ground are revealed if
** if units is in vision range and auto attacks
** if the attacker "misses" and does not damage he is not revealed (the target can see where the attacker is anyway)


Bullets, Grenades or Rockets – there are plenty of sources to get hurt! But also the pure shock and awe coming from the Authority of a Juggernaut can fry your brain as effectively as a bullet can!

There are two sorts of damage – kinetic and energy. Kinetic damage comes from bullets, explosions and everything that will hit you and it will hit you hard! Energy damage comes from skills like the Authority of the Juggernaut or the Roundhouse of the Recon.

You can invest in kinetic and energy efficiency, which will increase the damage the specific attack will do. The same way Energy Plating and Kinetic Armor will mitigate the damage from the respective sources.

Weapon range

It can also be very beneficial to know the ranges of the different weapons. Because if your range is bigger, the enemy has to come to you, to be efficient. Every weapon has three different areas.

1 close range: if an enemy is in your close range area you weapon
2 effective weapon range: this is the "sweet spot", where the weapon will do the most damage
3 outside effective weapon range: a very small corridor, where the weapon projectiles of the weapons are losing most of their effectiveness

The ranges differ from weapon to weapon as for example the close range area of a shotgun is different then the one of an assault rifle.


And as every weapon only has a limited amount of bullets in a magazin, you should also consider that, at some point, you will have to reload! Every weapon has a specific time that it needs to reload. You can either manually reload your gun at any point to make sure that you have the max amount of bullets at your disposal or go guns blazing and reload autimatically as soon as your mag is emptied out.

Damage mitigation

There are also a lot of ways to mitigate damage: armor, cover, shields

All of those help in one way or another to mitigate the incoming damage. All the damage that you suffered after mitigation will be subtracted from your Hitpoints. Once those reach zero, your Merc is incapacitated and you will have to wait a short amount of time until you can deploy another Merc again. During the respawn time you can, of course, also change the Merc you have been chosen the last time..

And that means that you will receive the full amount of damage from the enemies bullets – and there will be bullets!

Avoiding damage

Shield Effects
A shield could absorb all damage types or just protect against a specific damage type like energy damage.

Absorb Shields:
The amount displays the potential absorbed health. The shield increases the health bar, so that means in case of 100% health your healthbar will extend a bit. This additional shield will be displayed in grey.
After the shield duration runs out all unused absorb shield is subtracted. If a Merc has more than just one absorb shield active at the same time, all shields enlarge the health bar. The use of shields follow the order of the time the have been casted: the oldest shield serves first.

Kinetic Shields:
Absorb only kinetic damage and a kinetic shield will not extend the health bar but are displayed as an effect on the unit.

Energy Shields:
Absorb only energy damage and an energy shield will not extend the health bar but are displayed as an effect on the unit.

Health Regen

While your Merc is in Combat Mode, his health regen will be greatly decreased. A Merc enters "combat" mode, when one of the following things happen:

- Your Merc uses any skill and this includes shooting.
- An ability is used on your Merc from a unit of a Merc in another faction and this includes shooting.
- A buff is on a unit of that player that came from a unit of a player in another faction.
- If you are out of combat mode for more than 5 seconds, your health will gradually replenish with a massive boost.


If you haven't been hugging cover quite as close as you should or have stopped the last rocket with your face and your hitpoints have reached zero, you are dead.

But this is not the end of the world, as you will now have the wonderful opportunity to rise again (and even change the Merc-class!) and respawn! A window will appear showing you an increased minimap, the Mercs that you have chosen for this match, the respawn timer and the places where you can respawn.
Just pick your Merc, if you want to change the class, pick your respawn position or just leave the deploy automatically checked and get respawned as soon as possible to support your team!

And now go ahead and win! I will wait here.

Go ahead! Play! You know enough to win your first game!



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