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Maxithlon is a game in which you lead an athletic club to glory trying to reach the highest club and individual results with your athletes. This guide explains the details about how to organize a competition in Maxithlon which includes the explanation of meetings and official applications.

How to Organize a Competition

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Each club has the ability to organize 4 meetings per season (1 masters, 1 juniors and 2 seniors through the menu Events -> Create an event). The number of events that can be run in a meeting depends on the size of the dressing rooms of your arena, while the level of meet depends on the size of the press room.

The levels of the meets are:
Regional Meeting (press unnecessary),
National Meeting (press room at least 15m2)
Continental Meeting (press room at least 25m2)
International Meetings (press room at least 50m2).

The higher the level of the meeting, the greater will be the costs to organize it but also the clubs that may be interested in it, the price of the tickets sold (see Appendix 2) and the number of fans interested in attending. The organizer of the meet may offer to rank the events based on the placements of the athletes or according to their performances; the club who scores the most points in the meet will win a monetary prize, if provided by the organizer. Among the various options for creating the meet there is also the price of entering that other clubs will have to pay to enroll their athletes in events.

Official competitions and applications

In addition to meets, a club can apply to host official events through the "application" tool. You can find it in the page Applications (Arena icon in the upper left menu -> Applications).

The rules say that there is a cost for the application (see Appendix 2) and the arena must be compatible with the level of competition requested (to organize a national competition you will need to have a large enough press room).

If a club wishes to organize an official competition, it will have to wait several seasons before to being able to reapply for an event at that level (levels: regional, national, continental, world): it will have to wait 4 seasons in the case of the regional event, 6 seasons for a national, 8 seasons for a continental and 10 seasons for a world championship.

The choice of the arena will be based on the ranking of the arena and on the "organizability", which is a evaluation of how acceptable the arena is for the organizazion of the competition. This number will grow in time and will drop after the organization of an official competition in relation to its importance.

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