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ManagerZone is a massive multi-player on-line game where players are given total managerial control of a virtual football team.

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The author reviewed the game through the gameplay, the graphic, etc. As conclued, Managerzone is a game for Football Manager-type fans. Check details below:

Review of ManagerZone

By aceblack1965 on theaceblackblog

Every aspect of football team management is under your control: the name of the team, the stadium facilities (from hot-dog stands to hotels), the size and make-up of the squad, the number of coaches, financial management, the youth academy, the training emphasis, the on-field tactics and the in-game substitutions. Teams can be managed to take advantage of an immense international transfer market, or to more patiently develop a squad built from youth players.


The most remarkable and attractive characteristic of Managerzone is its single, completely open world. Unlike most other on-line games which operate in separate world silos, there is only one world in Managerzone. All the teams compete in the same universe, and any team can play against any other team, in friendly matches, cup competitions, or user-developed friendly leagues.

You can choose to play and compete only in the official league (two games a week), but the game is immeasurably more fun by entering a whole host of various friendly leagues and Cup competitions, and having your team play several matches in several competitions every day against a wide variety of international competition.


Both the simulator and the 3-D animation are good, and are regularly updated, but both can still be made better. There are more goals, fewer throw-ins, and fewer corners than the real game, too many striker to goal-keeper one-on-ones, and too many extremely poor player decisions (like passing to no-one instead of taking an obvious shot). Future updates will hopefully address these and other issues.

For fans of Football Manager-type games, Managerzone opens up the football world into a massively multi-player interactive and absorbing competition where real-life management skills are regularly put to the test.




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