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Major Command

Major Command is a game to conquer the world, loosely speaking. MajorCommand has a variety of maps available for play, from various geographical maps down to maps representing a single battlefield. Yet regardless of the scale, the idea is the same: crush your opponents, control the map, and prevail!

Major Command


Turns are played sequentially, and once every player has had a turn, a new round begins. Play is always in the same sequential order.


The basic (and really, only) player-controlled units are Troops, which you use to assault your opponents and which defend themselves against your opponents' assaults. You start off with three troops in every region, and every turn, you get more troops to deploy, depending on various factors.

Troop containers look like this: . Or this: File:Armycontainer2.jpg‎. Or this: . Troop containers have different shapes on each map, but the color is determined by you, and the number is how many troops are in that given region. Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself "But what the hell is a region?"


A region, put simply, is part of a map. For instance, the USA map is comprised of 48 regions, one for each of the 48 states of the continental United States. At the beginning of the game, regions are handed out randomly, with each player getting an equal amount, and any left over starting neutral. The more regions you control, the better, as holding many regions can net you extra troops to deploy at the beginning of your turn.


Certain groups of regions (like South America from the Classic Evolved map, left) will give you a bonus when you hold them all at the same time. Those region groups are called Commands, and it's usually a good idea to try and grab one to give

Major Command

Before you get too far into it...

You should probably know what to expect from the MajCom experience. There are several types of users and experiences to be had here. Most users are some sort of combination.

  • The ultra casual: You only play one game at a time and make a single most days and at the same time each day, maybe with your morning coffee or at lunch. This takes about 3-5 minutes a day or every other day.
  • The full clip: You have 4 games going on at the same time, which means about 3-4 turns per day or so. You still can take your turns at the same time every day if you prefer.
  • The real-timer: You like your games fast and immediate. You can block out 30-60 minutes of time to play and finish a real time game with friends or strangers (friends-to-be).
  • The addict: You are addicted to strategic world domination and are playing over 10 games at a time, ensuring a constant flow of turns to take through the day.

Besides world domination? What else can you do here?

  • achieve some sweet rankage (32 in all)
  • earn a medal, or two, or a hundred
  • join a competitive clan
  • take that clan to the clan league championship
  • join a social clan
  • make some awesome friends
  • reconnect with old friends over a game, or two (hundred).
  • start a clan
  • join a tournament
  • start a tournament
  • start a league of tournaments
  • create a map
  • get your forum posting on
  • or just lurk around
  • chat with other MajCom'ers
  • be immortalized on the scoreboard
  • and tons more!



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