Magic Campus - Conquer Evil!

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Magic Campus

Magic Campus will whisk you away into a fantastic world full of danger and adventure. On your quest for new challenges you'll complete a variety of missions, perform dangerous feats, fight monsters and learn new tricks and spells from experience magicians.

Magic Campus is a free-to-play browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. That means you can explore Magic Campus from any computer that's connected to the Internet - for free and without having to download anything.

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The choice is yours whether you want to play as a cleric, warrior or hunter and which path you will choose to take through the Magic Campus. No matter what you choose, countless tasks, dangerous monsters and exciting fights will be waiting for you.

Head out on your own or band together with friends to complete tasks, uncover secrets and comb the world of Magic Campus for treasure and magic items that will make you stronger.

Turn-based fighting allows you to change your battle tactics mid-fight and bring even the most formidable opponent to his knees. Your pet will be your constant companion on your adventures, there to help you out when you need it - you just have to catch it first.

Players who are new to MMORPGs will find getting started to be no trouble at all thanks to intuitive controls, countless community features and comprehensive tutorials and mentoring. Experienced players will love the turn-based fighting style, the variety of the quests and special events as well as the economy and crafting systems.


  • Adorable animated Flash graphics
  • Discover more than 90 levels
  • Turn-based fighting - change your tactics mid-battle
  • No idle time while training - non-stop fun!
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Comprehensive tutorials, mentoring and assistance
  • Complex crafting system
  • Be part of a huge community - in the game, chat and forum

The Academies

After the monsters had nearly destroyed the island, the islanders decided to found six academies so that they would be prepared in case of another attack.



Emeraea is famous for its analytic and technical education that trains the best engineers and craftspeople in the Magic Campus. The academy encourages its students to utilize their knowledge in their everyday lives as well. The students are at the top of their game both mentally and physically and are used to acquiring and using their knowledge quick. Emeraea's graduates approach things very analytically, also in battle.



Ildyth is Dracloth's musical branch. Each of its students has natural artistic abilities and interprets music in their own impressive way. It's been said that each individual tone played has its own unique bit of magic. Thanks to their musical skill, Ildyth's graduates are also very creative and imaginative in areas outside of music. Their attention to detail in particular helps them on their adventures and to make the right decision even in the midst of battle.



Ethereon's goal is to educate students to have particularly good manners. All students in this academy is a model student and role model. They are unpretentious and level-headed and act prudently. This restraint and the ability to empathize that comes with it makes them patient teachers and eloquent speakers. Ethereon's students are known not for their strength or powerful weapons but rather for their prudence and their ability to use words to come out on top of any confrontation.



Valamoore is particularly geared towards dreamers and free-thinkers who are open to trying new things and thinking outside the box. Its graduates are often calm and precise but ready to act in the blink of an eye and great at adjusting to new situations. They follow their dreams without losing their head, which allows them to keep an open mind even in the fray of battle.



Dawnmere's graduates are known for their physical fitness. They are schooled in a special battle technique comprised of numerous martial art forms. This makes them formidable opponents in battle. Students of this academy have above-average physical skills, incredible reflexes and are incredibly perceptive. They are fully in control of their bodies. They are trained to find weak spots in their enemies' defenses and to use these to their advantage.



For generations Pyron has been teaching the art of kung fu and passing these skills on to its students. Its graduates are physically superior to most but maintain their restraint and warm-heartedness. Upon entering the academy, students adopt the characteristics and disposition of a knight: gentle towards friends and merciless towards enemies. Their kung fu abilities make students from Pyron especially dangerous in melee combat.

Magic Campus - how it started…

A long time ago, a group of people lived in a faraway land.

One day a catastrophe hit their paradise, making the entire area uninhabitable for a long time. So the tribe elders decided to set off on a long and difficult journey to find a new place to call home. After many days of traveling aimlessly, they finally discovered an island in the middle of the ocean. They decided to make that island their new home.

The Magic Campus paradise is in danger

They lived there happily without any worries or fear for many years until darks shadows appeared over their island. It seemed that the age of peace had come to an end. In the years that followed a war broke out between the evil monsters and the peace-loving people, causing great suffering and costing many lives.

When the monsters gained the upper hand and the battle appeared to have been decided, the calls for help were finally heard.

A princess, accompanied by six elves, arrived on the island. She brought with her six magic stones of wisdom. These new allies helped the brave warriors in battle against the monsters, and slowly the tides began to turn. But the princess was gravely wounded in one of the final battles. Just before she lost consciousness, she managed to pass the power of the magic stones to six chosen islanders. Using these stones, the monsters were finally beat and the war was won.

When the battle was over, the six elves left the island once again, taking the body of the princess with them. As they left, proclaimed a dark prophecy: “Evil will return one day!”

Disturbed by this prophecy, the bearers of the stones traveled across the land. They decided to found six academies so that they could keep the teachings of the elves in the hearts of the islanders and to train brave warriors. Thus the six academies that make up the Magic Campus were founded:

  1. Emeraea
  2. Ethereon
  3. Ildyth
  4. Pyron
  5. Dawnmere
  6. Valamoore

Thus many years passed and soon the horrors of war and the elves' warning had passed out of the memories of some of the islanders. Only the six academies remembered that dark chapter in their history and the prophecy. So it was not surprising that only the elders, the teachers and some of the students who venerated the elves saw the danger that was imminent and began to prepare for the inevitable return of evil.

Evil Returns

In the years that passed, the signs that evil was making its way back to the island grew. Therefore the decision was made to combine powers and create a new academy - the Dracloth Academy. Now the prophecy has become reality. Evil overshadows the island once more and is threatening the islanders' way of life. The monsters are back. Can the instructors and their students defeat evil? What secrets lay inside the magic stones? And will the elves return to assist the people in battle?

The door beyond which the answer to all these questions lies has been cracked open. Will you rise to the challenge and enter the fight?



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