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Wanna get a awesome pet for your character? Here is a guide about the pet system in Magic Campus. If you are still confusing about the pet system, then just read this guide and try to get your own pet!

Pet Types

In the world of Magic Campus, pets can be roughly divided up into six main groups:


Humanoid pets usually walk upright, use basic tools and live in groups - some even posses a rudimentary social structure. Broadly speaking, this a very general category which includes all monsters types possessing human characteristics. As individuals their abilities may be limited, however, they make excellent pets - their average abilities make them suitable for all kinds of work while their considerable intelligence makes them excellent companions.


Beast pet is a very broad category that includes all non-humanoid and dragon-type animals. Beasts possess one common characteristic, whether they inhabit the land, sea or air: the ability to survive alone. Surviving in nature requires killing power and physical toughness. Obviously they're somewhat vulnerable to magic (that's probably why so many are scared of fire). The status of Beast pets is captured by the saying "Dog is man's best friend".


Plant pets basically maintain a plant shape, relying on roots, stems, leaves and other organs to sustain life. Their plant attributes are plain to see and include an excellent regenerative ability, relatively low health and fear of fire. They also possess the ability of all plants to influence their environment. Despite their low health, they make excellent pets.


Making Robotic pets requires engineering knowledge and mechanical skills. Their physical reactions are poor, but that does not mean they are unintelligent. They complete tasks in accordance with the priorities laid down by their designers and can stand vigil for thousands of years, a fact that has made them very useful to humankind. Subdue one and enjoy the benefits of pwnership.


Some Demonic pets already existed in this world, hiding in corners where humans would not see them, while others enter from another realm when vulnerable souls are overcome by evil. They possess formidable powers of spirit control and use many skills that are not of this world. They are also highly intelligent. If they have a weakness, it is their low health and even lower strength.


The term "Dragon pet" not only refers to true Dragons of legend, more often than not it refers to lesser dragons, dragon hybrids and other creatures that share their blood - in other words, the entire dragon race. Dragons possess naturally hard armor and uncommon intelligence. It is very hard to identify any weaknesses, even in dragon hybrids that only possess a single drop of dragon blood. It's a great honor to possess a Dragon pet.

Pet Attributes

Just as no two leaves are identical, no two pets are the same in Magic Campus. The trick to pet training is skillfully adjusting pet attributes.

Level: Refers to pet ability level. Each time a pet gains a level, it receives 5 Potential Points to be allocated by the player. Allocated Potential Points directly affect the player's combat attributes.

Experience: Accumulated in battles, your pet will level up when a certain amount of XP has been acquired.

Loyalty: Determines whether or not a summoned beast will obey its master's summons. Consumption or death (Loyalty -30) in the course of battle will reduce the Loyalty of a summoned beast. If Loyalty drops too low, there is a chance the pet will withdraw from battle.

Five Attributes: Influence the allocated upgrade value of innate and combat attributes when pets level up.

Merit Factor: Merit factor influences ability growth when pets level up.

Pet Star Rating: Pets also have different star ratings. Feed pets monster tonics to increase their star rating.

Merit Level: Pet merit level determines a pet's initial merit factor. Pet merit level is improved by Pet Refinement.

Health: Increases pet HP as well as physical defense.

Strength: Increases pet physical damage as well as physical hits.

Intelligence: Increases pet magic attack as well as max MP. Also increases magic defense.

Spirit: Increases pet's chance of success with status spells as well as resistance to status spells. Also increases magic defense.

Agility: Increases pet speed as well as character dodge and hit rates.

Life: Life points or HP, indicates status of pet health. Max value can be increased by strengthening the Health attribute.

Mana: Also known as MP, consumed when certain spells are cast. Max value can be increased by strengthening the Intelligence attribute.

Hit: Ability of physical attacks to hit their target. The higher its value, the greater the accuracy of physical attacks. Can be increased by strengthening Strength and Agility attributes.

Physical Attack: The ability of physical attacks to do damage. The higher its value, the greater the damage inflicted by physical attacks. Can be increased by strengthening Strength attribute.

Physical Defense: The ability to defend against physical attacks. The higher its value, the lower the damage inflicted by physical attacks. Can be increased by strengthening Health attribute.

Magic Attack: The ability of magic attacks to do damage. The higher its value, the greater the damage inflicted by magic attacks. Can be increased by strengthening Intelligence attribute.

Magic Defense: The ability to defend against magic attacks. The higher its value, the lower the damage inflicted by magic attacks. Can be increased by strengthening Intelligence and Spirit attributes

Dodge: The ability to evade physical attacks, a successful dodge can completely avoid damage. Can be increased by strengthening Agility attribute.

Critical Hit: Probability that a single pet attack (physical and magic attacks) will prove fatal.

Counter: Probability that a pet will counterattack after being subject to a physical attack.

Magic Resistance: Resistance to specific status of Magic. Can be increased by strengthening Spirit attribute.

Speed: Influences movement sequence in battle. The greater your speed, the better your chances of landing the first blow. Can be increased by strengthening Agility attribute.

Pet Refinement

A pet's merit factor can be increased by refining 5 pets of identical type and merit level together. If the refinement is successful, the merit level of the primary pet will increase one level. Each refinement requires one primary pet and 4 secondary pets. One successful refinement consumes 4 secondary pets, raises the primary pet's merit factor and leaves other attributes unchanged. The precise value of the upgraded merit factor following refinement is randomly determined.

Of course there is a chance of failure associated with any pet refinement. In the event of failure, the primary pet remains and the 4 secondary pets are consumed.

Upgrading Star Rating

A pet's star rating directly affects its merit factor. A pet's star rating may be improved by feeding it tonics. 10 stars can be added in total with each star adding 0.01~0.15 to the pet's merit factor.

Different tonics have different effects on a pet's merit factor. The best tonics can raise a pet's merit factor by 0.15 in one go.

Feeding tonics to your pet carries a risk of failure. There is no penalty for failure when the pet's star rating is less than 8, however, once 8 stars have been obtained, failure will reset your pet's star rating to 0. Note: Tonics can be obtained by defeating Boss-level monsters, during quests and in the shop.

Pet Skills

Half the fun of battle is using the skills that are unique to each school with all their diverse, useful and visually intoxicating effects. The same can be said for pet skills. If anything, pet skills are even more diverse than character skills, their effects even more bizarre and the conditions that must be met to master new ones even more rigorous.

Pets can possess up to 5 skills, including everyday skills and highly specialized skills. Each skill has 3 levels of proficiency.

Pets typically acquire skills in the following ways:

  • Innate Skills: Pets usually already have some skills when they're caught. Most know one, but the best know 3. If you're lucky enough to find one of these, be sure to hide your Cheshire Cat grin.
  • Comprehended Skills: Every time a pet levels up, there's a chance it will comprehend a new skill. If it comprehends a skill it already knows, the skill will be upgraded. A pet will continue to comprehend skills until the maximum number of skills is reached.
  • Studying Skill Books: Just like players, pets can learn skills from pet skill books. The pet simply has to reach the level required to study the pet skill book in question. The success rate for studying a new skill from a pet skill book is 100%, however, as pets aren't all that bright there's also a chance they will forget a previously learned skill.

Note: Altogether there are seven main categories of pet skill - Humanoid, Beast, Plant, Robotic, Demonic, Dragon and Common skills - available to all pet types. Please take care that you buy the right skillbook for your pet!



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