Magic Campus Guide: Leveling up to Level 60

Date: Oct 24 2011 03:03:12 Source: Official Site
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Magic Campus

If you are new to Magic Campus, then this guide is just the one for you. Here you can find a number of hints on completing the first few levels of the game:

Levels 1 to 9

For the first five levels, you should stay in Nubis Village and complete the Beginner Quests. They will teach you a lot about how to use the controls and the basic features of Magic Campus. Then go to the Nubis Prairie where the first monsters are waiting for you. Besides the beginner quests, there are also a few side quests on the maps that will help you earn lots of experience points.

Levels 10 to 19

Once you've reached Level 10 you can enter the capital city of Dracloth. You'll meet lots of merchants there as well as Ms. Regen, who will bring you directly to your academy for 10 silver coins so you can improve your skills. Starting at Level 10, you'll also be able to accept reward quests that reward you with a lot of money and experience points. Levels 10 to 19 are designed to help you get the hang of the controls and features as well as the game mechanics more. There are a lot of different quests available to help you do so.

Levels 20 to 29

Once you've reached Level 20, the daily campus quest is unlocked. These give the most XP after the daily quests. Combine these with the growth quests to climb the ranks quickly.

At Level 20 the pet system also gets interesting. Catch your pets, improve and combine them to prepare for the PvP duels that become available at Level 30.

Levels 30 to 39

You've probably noticed that the reward and campus quests aren't enough any more to gain experience quickly. you now have all the skills you need to complete bigger tasks such as finding the secret passage, fending off the pirate invasion or the rebel attack. You'll be rewarded with XP Boosters, among other things.

You can also take part in PvP battles and can craft high-quality material to improve your equipment.

Levels 40 to 60

Congratulations – you've gotten to the heart of Magic Campus. But be careful! Particularly in these levels, there are dangerous monsters and exciting adventures waiting for you. Be sure to combine quests and events, improve your equipment and take care of your companions. There are special level-up quests for your class that will have a positive effect on your skills.

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