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Magic Barrage:

A long time ago, there was a tribe of powerful sorcerers, and the strongest in the tribe was Crassus. He controlled an ancient artifact with tremendous power and the ability to tempt souls. Eventually, Crassus himself succumbed to the artifact’s influence, his heart became corroded and wicked, and evil blossomed in his mind. Crassus summoned a demon army and began an onslaught against mankind, gradually conquering every last corner of the known world. In their darkest hour, humans prepared for their last stand, gathering the descendants of their greatest heroes, whether mankind is destined for triumph over evil or complete destruction is in your hands...

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Centuries later, very few bastions of hope remain. It is up to you, as descendant of ancient heroes, to face Crassus and his countless minions in battle – To crush them once and for all, and bring peace back to a tormented world!

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Developed by Gameguyz, Magic Barrage is a browser-based, free-to-play retro-style MMORPG that fuses elements from classic dungeon crawlers with bullet hell games, along with an art style reminiscent of console games from the early 90's. Players can choose from among 8 diverse classes to jump into an action-filled adventure.

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Magic Barrage is a manic shooter and action-adventure RPG browser game.
Detailed retro-pixel graphics in a world of monsters, magic and heroes.
Dozens of unique skills and hordes of vicious enemies make for exciting, non-stop combat.
Prove your worth in Bitferno’s challenging dungeons, PVP arena, world boss battlefield and multiple other combat modes. Show the world your mastery of tactical combat



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