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The Demonic invasion has sewn chaos in Magerealm, but the Mages have found strength in numbers. The Guild system in Magerealm provides a close-knit community for players, with of numerous activities to tackle solo or enjoy with friends. To join a guild, once you are a certain level you can access the guild menu and see a list of available guilds. Once a player applies for a guild, the guild leader or deputy must approve before they can join. To create a guild, a player must be VIP level 1 and a certain level. They can then spend gold to create their own guild.

A Guild offers many features and services for its members. There are Guild daily tasks that can be completed each day for useful rewards. Guilds can upgrade their Sorcery Tech to improve the guild and aid all members in many ways, among other benefits. A bounty list shows bounty missions that can be completed for more rewards. Doing tasks and activities from the guild will award Guild Contribution points, which can be used in the Guild shop to purchase various items and materials.

A Guild also offers a number of group activities for their members. The Guild Pool Party and Guild Boss raid. The Guild leader decides when to open these activities, once per day. The Pool party is a nice way to relax and have fun with your guild mates while getting EXP. The Guild Boss is very much like a World Boss, but for your guild only. The Guild Bonfire is a easy way to get some EXP, and takes place from 9 PM to 9:10 PM.



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