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The gods of the past have left powerful artifacts in their absence in the form of divine Wings. These Wings provide a large stat boost when equipped on your character. There are normal wings and special wings. You can obtain wings in a variety of ways. Check the Wings menu to see the requirements for the ones you wish to unlock. Clicking on each wing will give you a preview of their appearance on your character.

Wings can be improved using specific materials. Advanced wings need advanced materials

The god of ancient times for every wizard magic mainland left a wings of hope, through the magic of temper, it will turn into a brand new wings to provide magicians immensely powerful magic, open the way to victory.

When the mage level reached certain level open wings system, click the "wings" button in the main menu wing panel;
Painted wings is classified into ordinary class and a class, click on the different wings can view the corresponding appearance, bonuses, attack effect and activation conditions.

After successful activation wings, click the "gear" wings to wear and activate the corresponding attributes.
Only form a kind of wings wings can be advanced, selecting the wings to be advanced click wings "advanced" button to open the advanced panel.
Painted wings have certain success rate, advanced level as the wings of improve the success rate lower, wizard can use lucky materials to enhance the success rate of advanced wings.
Painted wings need to use when the advanced materials and COINS, with wings level enhanced consumption continue to increase in the amount of resources, if the advanced failure will refund half the cost of resources.



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