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Lunaria Story is a browser based mmorpg being produced by R2Games and is close to transitioning from the alpha phase to beta. Players are quickly flocking to this game to try it out and see if it is worth investing into, and even though it is currently in alpha, a lot of the features are available for players to try out.

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Character creation in the game is lacking, the depth of creation is picking your gender and class, which is one of three; Swordsman, Elementalist, and Hunter. Beyond picking that, you're really given no freedom to customize your characters looks, outside of the in-game cash shop. The problem is that this creates a lot of duplicates and makes your character, unless you spend cash shop gold, rather generic and impersonal. As for the classes, the number is small, but for the type of game this is, it isn't that bad of a selection.

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Exp rates are increased during the alpha, which does disrupt the pace of leveling a bit from the norm, but it does still give you a good idea of how the game will play out; unfortunately it isn't the best in that area. In the beginning leveling goes by really quick and you soon find yourself in the mid-higher levels with barely a blink. Then that pace is quickly changed in a flash and you go from leveling without a problem to mindlessly grinding to just be able to get the next story quest. The problem is that this tends to make the game a bit more tedious as it does disrupt the flow they set rather fast, and leveling without the main quest, despite there being a lot of side activities, still goes rather slow and it makes it feel more like a hardcore game at times than casual, since merely grinding isn't enough, you need to grind random quests to get those small boosts of experience.

Grinding also is less enjoyable in the fact that a lot of the game is set in an auto-mode. It feels more like you're there to click to start and end quests than you are to really do anything else in the game. From when you start a quest, your character is already walking to the destination, fighting the monsters you need to fight, and trotting back for the reward. That is basically where the gist of the game is and it does create a feeling of you not really being involved. They have some events which make you actually control the character; like one that has you show your strength against other players and see who is the toughest, but beyond that you're mostly set on auto-pilot. This takes away from the combat as well, which when you aren't letting the computer take full control, is actually rather decent, as it plays out more like a side scrolling action game. You press the keys; the actions play out without having to click like a mad man (or woman). You also are free to move and jump as you please, which makes it all the more fun and strategic, when you actually do control your character.

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Despite the fact that a lot of the game is set in an auto mode, they do try to throw a lot of distractions your way to keep your interest. This ranges from Parlay of Might which is basically arena fights to rise in ranks and get daily rewards to the Star Palace Ruins which is used as a sort of gauntlet, having you fight through monsters in order to earn a higher reward. Most of these extra features don't really need you to interact in order for them to execute, so while they are there to keep you interested, it sometimes feels rather bland in execution.

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Graphically the game is fairly cute and looks rather heavily anime inspired in terms of how a lot of the characters and monsters are designed. They luckily stepped away from just having a flat background like a lot of games recently do, and instead have a little life brought into the maps. The use of bright and vibrant colors also makes the game a lot more appealing to look at and gives it a happier tone.

Despite what seems like a rather negative outlook on the game, once you get past the auto-everything. Lunaria Story is a rather cute and casual friendly game. The lack of control it brings can be a bit unappealing at times, when you really want to dive in, but it does look attractive enough and user friendly enough to at least be a runner for casual gamers.

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