Lunaria Story Arena Ladder Guide

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The Arena Ladder is a team-based, PvP event. It's held Monday-Friday, from 13:00-14:00 and 21:00-22:00.


- It costs 20 Gold to create an Arena Ladder party

- Party members must be at least level 40.

- The leader names the party.

- Arena Ladder parties are carried over each day. Parties will be deleted if they have less than one member.

- If a member leaves their party, the points for that party will be reset, and the member will no longer receive party rewards or Personal Points.

Party Points

- Parties start the Arena Ladder with 1,000 Party Points.

- Once a party has signed up for that day's Arena Ladder event, they will be auto-matched with opponents.

- Party Points will be sent after each loss/victory.

- Parties will be splits into 8 tiers, based on how many Party Points they have, and matched accordingly.

Personal Points

- Party members will receive Personal Points in their Mailbox every Sunday a 00:00.

- Personal Points are based on the number of Party Points that party has accumulated.

- Personal Points can be exchanged for items in the Exchange.

- Parties must participate in at least 10 Arena Ladder battles before their members can begin receiving Personal Points.

- Personal points can be exchanged for rare items like the Legendary Evil Dragon set, and special items such as the Heartshaped Balloon Morph Card.

Bonus Rewards

- A random reward will be delivered to Arena Ladder party members by mail every Wednesday and Saturday, after they have successfully participated in at least 10 battles.

Personal Point Exchange

-Personal points can be exchanged for Evil Dragon set (mysterious PVP set) and special items such as Heartshaped Balloon Morph Card.

Point Breakdown

Team Points Personal Points

1000 10

1100 100

1200 120

1300 150

1400 190

1500 230

1600 270

1700 330

1800 410

1900 510

2000 630

2100 770

2200 930

2300 1110

2400 1310

2500 1530

2600 1770

2700 2030

2800 2310

2900 2650

3000 3000



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