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Lula is a very popular videogame character in Europe, especially in Germany. The first game was strategy-based and released in 1997, with 2 million Lula games being sold all over the world. In 2005 Lula 3D was released, an adventure game with adult content. Now we get Lula Online, a funny and naughty free-to-play browser-based strategy MMO game, or an erotic business simulation.

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In Lula Online the player starts with very little money to attract the first models who are interesting in building a career in the adult market. You have to select the models that fit your purposes best and take them through different areas of the business – from live chats to photoshoots and ultimately the very profitable adult movie business. To do so you have to expand your office, adding new production facilities such as a server room, a photo lab, cutting room and upgrading the equipment as much as you can.

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Things begin very slowly – for example, the live chat begins just using a phone, but when the server room is added, as well as several upgrades to the equipment, you can have web chat and video chat. The photo studio is initially only suited for basic pictures, but upgrading it allows for vintage photos and 3D photos. Web design will take your business to the web, with the addition of web pages, photo galleries and games. Finally, the video studio will take the business to the next level, with several productions ranging from short films to DVD productions. The better the equipment, the more professional the final result.

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The best models have to be happy to remain with you, so don’t forget about keeping them satisfied. They are the pillar of your business, along with the infrastructure and crew to take the business to the top.



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