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Brief Introduction:

Lost Gate is a brand new 3D browser game will take you to a world where you have never been. This game has the best graphics, unique combat system and coolest skills, pets and mounts. Other game systems such as booth, minion, arena, esteem, spirit and specially designed events will also bring you endless joy. Join us NOW to be the lord of the realm.

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There are 4 classes in Lost Gate. The warriors have always been protecting the realm form the tyranny of the Demon Lords. They are the best fighters and the authority in war with royal blood, indestructible will. Warlock favored himself as the poison master. The warlocks are the sons of gods, master healers and curse weavers. The best of them are the most respectable people which can bring dead people walking. The devils shall know better than messing with them. The assassins are the sons of god and ordinary people with amazing agility and web-swinging prowess. They could leap onto roofs and vault over walls. The sorcerers used the power of Mother of Earth's Creation Stones to train themselves and became great. Their faith lies in the salvation of the world. They are best at spell attacks. In their hands, water, fire and earth become powerful weapons.

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Featured Systems

Booth: you can sell or buy items from other disciples here. Tactics: you can arrange different team formations when facing different monster to achieve a better win. Aspect: it will be activated when your minions reach the required tier, the beautiful aspects can join you in meditation and increase your team prowess. Arena: arena points can be gained by PVP or team combat. Top ranking players will be worshiped by the normal players daily. Instances: follow the main quest line and unlock the instance system. Fight rare monsters and obtain EXP and awesome loots.


Warrior: Courageous Strike, Sword of Light, Rain of Daggers, Colossal Smash; Warlock: Chaos Bolt, Fel Flame, Malefic Focus, Havoc, Void Curse; Assassin: Sinister Strike, Slice and Dice, Sweeping Strikes, Raging Blow, Vendetta.



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