How to Use the Minion Function and the Aspect Function in Lost Gate

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Yeepgame has a new game Lost Gate - Chaos Portals to share with all the Yeepers. Lost Gate's third and fourth Server would load on Yeepgame in August. Let us focus on Lost Gate-Chaos Portals which is uses advantaged 3D technology Mmorpg. In this article, we will guide you how to use the Minion function and the Aspect function in Lost Gate.

Complete main quest to activate Minion function.

Lost Gate-Chaos Portals Screenshot

On the minion tab on your Character window, you can gear your minions.

Click the Minion icon on the bottom and open the Minion window to train minion.

You can bring your minions to battle and upgrade them to higher tiers.

Lost Gate-Chaos Portals Screenshot

You need training to upgrade minion. Minion Potion can help raise minion's training. When the training is high enough, you can use Minion Orb to upgrade a minion to higher tiers.

When your minions and mount reach Tier 3, the Aspect function will be active. Their beautiful aspects can join you in meditation and increase your team prowess.


You can train Aspect to increase your mount and minions' stats. The higher your level is, the higher their training cap will be. You can use Noraml, Focused, Spiritual and Holy training methods, but the higher methods only open to certain levels of VIPs.

Lost Gate-Chaos Portals Screenshot

Training will cost coins and Aspect Baubles. A training may result in some higher and some lower stats. Keep training till you find a set of stats you are happy with and click "Save" to add these stats to your minion or mount.


You can attune with your mount or minions when they reach Tier 5, Tier 7 and Tier 9. Attune helps increase your team prowess greatly. And the special effects are fantastic!

Lost Gate-Chaos Portals Screenshot

Aspect Meditation Circle

When you have activated Aspect and Meditation Circle functions, you can have your minions' aspects join you in your mediation circle.

It is Yeepgame's pleasure to accompany you in this hot Summer!Lost Gate – Chaos Portals, you can't miss it. Everybody rocks your body!

About Lost Gate – Chaos Portals

Lost Gate – Chaos Portals is a browser based (or mini-client based) RPG which uses the latest 3D technology and truly achieve the dream – 3D on web. You are the only survival after a blood combat, but lost all the powers. You need to regain your powers, enchant gears to conquer the lost realm. Minions, mounts and formations will make the battle more different. The back story of the game is not only moving, but also shock. PVP system, team combat, solo and team instances, guild war, costumes will also enrich the game content.

About Yeepgame Team

With 7 core members and over 20 related employees, Yeepgame is one of the most potential and fastest developing game platforms mainly targeting in North America with our games portfolio of 6 browser games and over 20 mini games. We have been now getting over 500,000 registered user, 3,000 + unique visitors daily and 14 payment options. We celebrate holidays and festival with our players by holding diverse and special platform and game events. It's our goal to create a happy, free and relaxed game realm for all our gamers by keeping improving our work all the time.



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