Lords Online Guide: Strategy Build Guide For New Player

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Lords Online

Lords Online is a strategic war game that utilizes the classic combat rules set down in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

A good start is quite important in a strategy game. So it is with Lords Online. Here you have 3 days of newbie protection. How to make yourself strong enough before you face all the farmers around you? A strategy build may help. Check below:

Strategy Build Guide For New Player

By Epochsage in the official forum

Here is my suggestion for a starting strategy.  This guide covers only the construction of buildings, resources, and research of technology.

1.) When you first start out you receive 3 days of Protection.  Take advantage of this by upgrading your Town Hall to Level 4 [NOTE: Upgrading your Town Hall to level 5 will cancel the protection.]

2.) Upgrade 1 each of your resources to Level 1. (Farm, Sawmill, Quarry and Iron Mine.)

3.) Build a barn, then a warehouse. You can build multiples of these, I suggest between 7-9 of each.

4.) Upgrade all of your resources to level 4

5.) Build a Wall

6.) Build a Barracks

7.) Build a Garrison

8.) Build a Tavern

9.) Build a Market

10.) Build a Black Tower

11.) Build an Academy

12.) Build an Embassy

13.) Build a Cellar.  Like the Barn and Warehouse you can build multiples of these, I suggest 2-6, depending on the number of Barns and Warehouses.  you have only 20 spaces to build them all on, 11 are needed for the other buildings.

14.) Upgrade your Barns and Warehouses to level 4, increasing your storage capacity.

15.) Upgrade your other buildings to level 4, except the Embassy to level 3.

16.) Upgrade your Wall defenses (Archer Tower, Traps, Moat) and Academy technology to level 4. (start with the resources)[NOTE: You can start upgrading these as soon as the Wall and Academy are built]

17.) (Optional) Upgrade your Cellars to level 4.

18.) Once this is done, take the remaining time to allow your resources to build in storage.  You will need them for the next stage in building once the protection runs out.

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