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Lords Road is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG where players take on the role of legendary hero, tasked with facing the Dark Lord and bringing peace to the land. Players can pick from two classes, and recruit from nine goddesses to help them in battle.


Become a brave warrior or a fearsome mage in this epic experience.

Fight for the glory of your guild in large scale siege battles where only the best may come out on top.

Complete quests along your journey for tons of rewards such as equipment, currency or even experience.

Lords Road is a high quality browser based MMORPG where you get to take control of one of two great, beautifully executed classes and go on an epic journey full of epic monster slaying and questing. It’s a great game and has many highlights along with a ton of great gameplay features so players will be more than pleased with what it has to offer.

When starting off new in Lords Road players might feel a bit overwhelmed due to how much stuff is going on in the game but the game does an excellent job of taking care of this thanks to its in-depth tutorial that might feel a tad bit long but is definitely worth completing because it teaches everything there is to know about the game such as questing, forging, combat, skills and everything else that’s necessary.

In terms of gameplay, Lords Road is the kind of game that you can play hours upon hours each day and still not have done everything that’s available. First off is the incredibly streamlined questing feature of the game where you’re simply given a task and are taken straight to where you’re supposed to do it with no hassles in between. This is something that smoothens up the gameplay quite a bit and it’s also worth mentioning that the quests are really rewarding as well. Combat of the game is without a doubt some of the finest that we’ve seen from any browser based game.

It’s incredibly fast paced and often times you’ll be able to completely destroy a massive wave of monsters through a single AoE spell rotation which is one of the most satisfying feelings of the game. There’s also a PvP arena where you can go against other players in really intense matches to see who can execute spells with more efficiency. There are tons of instances that you can participate in either solo or with a party which means that you’ll be able to enjoy the game even if you’re friends aren’t available to play.

Guild battles are perhaps the biggest highlight of Lords Road. These battles consist of the strongest players of the game battling out for a chance to bring their guild success, glory and massive bonuses. These fights are massive and chaotic but ultimately extremely fun since you can test your characters to their limits when facing off against such strong crowds.

From a graphical perspective, Lords Road is delightful and easily one of the better looking browser based MMORPGs out there. The game world is teeming with life and is full of incredible detail. The character designs are top notch but of course the main visual treats are the game’s spells and abilities that have really fluid animations and look mind blowing when utilized in rapid succession due to all the special effects that are occurring.

As for micro-transactions, there’s a lot of stuff that you can purchase with real world money such as item enhancing runes, stat boosting potions, VIP memberships for various bonuses or even gift boxes to get some helpful equipment for your character. Lords Roads road is easily one of the higher quality browser based MMORPGs out there thanks to its intense combat and sheer variety of gameplay options.



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