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The New and Awesome City Planner, Editor and Simulator

By Gulbenkian in the official forum

City Plan[n]er is an awesome tool... but I wouldn't know it, since it is Windows only.

Therefore I have spent a few hours to hack together a tool that should run on all platforms with a modern browser and which has a few extras.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present the initial-alpha-testing version of the new stunning and awesome City Integrated Planner, Editor and Konfigurator, CIPEK for short.


  • CIPEK is html + css + javascript, and in theory should run on any popular browser (tested on FF 3.6.3 and IE 8)
  • it is a single file that does not need to be installed
  • Buildings can be set to any level, and parameters will be configured accordingly
  • Traps and towers are also supported -- you can find out how many men fit into the towers, how many enemy units will be neutralised
  • The integrated recorder allows to estimate total costs of complex operations (in terms of resources and time)
  • Editing is easy thanks to context menus, drag-and-drop (just drag that hut from one tile to another) and cloning
  • Import-export of ShareString 1.2 / City Planner text strings means that you can still use the old CP format in forums
  • You can save the cities directly in your browser (using cookies, ain't that cool?)
  • Since it is CSS/HTML only, there is no graphics. However, if you place it in your City Planner folder, it will use some graphic files included in the City Planner
  • It is mine, and I like it


Basic usage is not different from City Planner. To populate your city, you can:
  • Click on a tile and select its function
  • Move tiles (dnd) from one place to another
  • Using context menu to destroy and modify buildings and resources
  • Use the "clone" option (settings panel) to quickly clone many similar buildings

To create a city with harbor, select "harbor" from the City Style option in the Settings panel on the left

Download Gulbenkian's CIPEK Tool

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