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Lord of Ultima

Below is one of the best strategy guides for Lord of Ultima players. Made by Panpiper on the official forum, the guide breaks the game down into three stages: the pure economic growth stage, the military preparation stage, and the military execution stage. Check out what to do in each phase:


Panpiper's Empire Strategy

By Panpiper in the official forum

I find it useful in strategy games to break the game down into three stages and to understand and execute the appropriate strategy for each stage. The stages could be defined as; the pure economic growth stage, the military preparation stage, and the military execution stage. Most people jumble all these things together and try to do everything at once. And while it can be frustrating to have such a player right beside you in the early stages of the game, possibly trying to nibble at you with his paltry castle, he is destined to loose.

The true powers in a strategy game are the ones who understand at least intuitively that one's strategy evolves as one progresses through the stages of the game. And of course how well you execute the strategy is every bit as important as the correct strategy to begin with.

The first stage, pure economic growth, requires that your first city be purpose built to achieve that sole end. The ability to raid dungeons is a useful source of raw materials and gold, and so some buildings devoted to building such a force is not antithetical to the strategy of the first phase. And the force you build to dungeon raid will also keep the nibbler castles from being a problem. Adequate gold is also necessary for moonstones and barons in order to expand. See this thread for advice on first city layouts:

A major decision has to be made by the time you are ready to start building other cities, and that is just how long you can afford to wait before becoming a military power. That decision must be weighed based upon the military situation you are faced with with your allies and your surroundings. Going military early will allow you to weigh in on the situation quickly, which may be necessary for you. On the other hand, the longer you stay in the purely economic expansion phase, the more powerful you will ultimately be, as your economy will be all the more able to support a larger military buildup. Generally one should stay in the purely economic build up phase for as long as possible. I 'strongly' recommend 'not' building a castled military city as one's second city, as a military city will consume 'all' the stone production of at least two resource cities.

I strongly recommend that economic 'resource' cities be generalist cities, for a couple of good reasons. First off, specialized cities, cities that produce mostly one sort of resource will tend to fill up on that resource quickly, requiring you to build several warehouses to store those resources. This is wasteful of the 'free' storage space you get with your town hall and wasteful of the extra building spaces that needed to be devoted to warehouses. But the main reason to not build specialist cities is the micromanagement burden such cities will impose upon you. A kingdom composed of specialist cities needs to be constantly monitored and resources moved incessantly to keep it functioning. Whereas generalist cities can be left on their own except for build queue and perhaps once a day have their surpluses shipped to where they will do the most good. Do not underestimate the need to keep the micromanagement burden reasonable, or you will ultimately find yourself dropping the game due to it becoming too much of a chore.

Your first city will only need 6-7K per hour of iron to build up it's dungeon raiding forces. Your second general purpose resource city can do much the same (assuming you are building for long term growth. But around your third city, consider laying out your resource production to emphasize a bit more more iron and food production, as your ultimate military production will require that.

In my opinion, all cities should build some military forces, 6-10 barracks worth. The forces are useful in the short term for perhaps more dungeon raiding and possibly defending allies. Ultimately when all these cities combine their defenses onto the castled military city you will build someday, you will already have a formidable defense for that castle, allowing the castle to concentrate upon offensive forces.

Generally the troops I build on such secondary, resource cities is Crossbowmen (I also recommend that one of them concentrate on building 60-100 sloops). This flies in the face of the advice I gave in this thread: where I recommended a good troop mix of defensive 'infantry' to defend your castle. How do I reconcile my advice to build crossbowmen in secondary cities that will ultimately defend your castle when in that other thread, I recommend using infantry? The answer is that there is one trick up my sleeve which I have not hitherto revealed in any of my posts. Your ultimate castled city is not your only military city. A castle is in fact, two cities.

For every castled military city you possess, before you build the castled city, you build another military city, a city that will in fact never build a castle. It is built in much the same fashion as a regular military city, containing no resource production buildings except for some food, and other than that, containing ~60 barracks and ~20 troop production buildings. That city produces 60K head of guardians, rangers, templars and ballistae and stations them as support for the castle. Your other resource cities put their crossbowmen on the castle as well (and those 100 sloops) and you are now well set to devote your ultimate castle's production exclusively to building a powerful offensive army.

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