League of Angels Mythic Hero Guide: Dora, Master of Rage

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In League of Angels II new Expansion, Angel of Desire has appeared to lead the heroes to their destiny. Although Dora’s bold and often reckless methods have been highly controversial, there is no questioning her talents and incredible power!

Dora in Battle [Video]:


The Best Support Controlling Rage of Both Sides

Normal Skill:
Temptation: Dora charms a random enemy target, dealing (253%+90) DMG and reducing their Rage by 250, charmed targets are unable to act for 1 turn.

Ultimate Skill:
Rapture: Dora increases the Rage of her allies by 300 while also increasing their ATK, DEF, and END by 18% of her own corresponding attributes, lasts 2 turns.

Passive Skills:
1. Avatar of Desire: Every time an enemy uses an Ultimate skill, Dora will restore 75 Rage and 5% HP, this effect can trigger 2 times per turn at most.
2. Restrict: Dora reduces the Rage generated by enemies through any means by 40%, lasts 3 turns.

1. Dora cannot charm Pamela, who has a passive skill making her immune to all negative effects.
2. Dora’s Ultimate greatly increases the END of allies, and END becomes a crucial stat in the later phases of the game. END provides the ability to resist Crits, so with a high END your Heroes will not be killed instantly.
3. Dora can be seen as an enhanced Liz. Once Dora casts her Ultimate, your other Heroes will cover a lot of Rage and can cast their Ultimates following her. Players should focus on allowing Dora to recover Rage as fast as possible. You can use a Relic with a Rage recovery stat, or rely on the normal skill of the Emerald Dream suit.

The Legend of Dora

Dora is the daughter of the great Athena, she grew up in the affluence and safety of the Midas Kingdom. It caused Dora to be arrogant and proud. Her boring life eventually caused her to perform an act that had unforeseen repercussions-She sent a singal to the Titans as a way to test her own powers.
Dora was used by the Titans to free the Prime Evils, it was not until she summoned the Shade of Titan that Dora realized her mistake. Is it too late for her to rectify her wrong?

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