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Light of Nova

Light of Nova is a free-to-play browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy (MMORTS) game, which casts you in the role of commander of a space fleet. Your goal is to build an invincible space armada by completing missions and destroying enemy warships.

Light of Nova takes place thousands of years in the future after humans have colonized outer space.

With fascinating storylines, exciting space battles, and complex political intrigues, Light of Nova offers an electrifying multiple player game experience. Playing with thousands of players from all over the world, you can build an empire with countless planets and finally extend your influence and control throughout the entire universe.

Your mother ship and battle fleets are ready. The adventure is lying ahead! Board your spacecraft and explore the mysterious universe in Light of Nova.

Game Features

Light of Nova

1. War & Massively Multiplayer

Wars and battles occur on different stars in the boundless universe in Light of Nova. Compared to traditional real-time strategy games, Light of Nova is not only a massively multiplayer game which can hold thousands of players online at the same time, but it also focuses on the player-versus-player conflicts among different alliances (guilds), which will lead to a fresh and more exciting gaming experience.

Light of Nova

2. Fantastic Storyline & Rewards

What is "ascend"? Where did the Omahar go? Finding out by playing Light of Nova now! With a story of more than 1,000,000 words, Light of Nova tells a tale of how an average person grows to be a legend of the era. What’s more, along with the legendary adventure, you will receive fantastic rewards, which will enable you to extend your power in the universe.

Light of Nova

3. Epic War System

Hammer, Long Bow, Mammoth, and Aegis are all Flagships with cutting-edge technologies. But the other small space fighters have their strengths too. No matter what kind of battle units you organize, warfare in Light of Nova will always test your abilities. Only the most experienced warriors can survive in the fierce player-versus-player and player-versus-environment battles. Are you one of them?

Light of Nova

4. Endless Adventure

Thousands of planets have countless stories. Some of them are surprising. Some are frightening. All are incredibly entertaining. Start your adventure in Light of Nova and become a part of the epic saga. If you're resourceful, if you possess the powers of strategic thinking, and finally if you're powerful enough, you will prevail and become a legend.



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