Your First Day in Light of Nova

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Light of Nova

Just start playing Light of Nova? Then take a look at this guide. You'll find everything you can do at the beginning of the game.

1. Build Mothership Facilities

Click the Build button on the top right of your screen. Choose the facility you want to build/upgrade, then click the Build or Upgrade button.

There are 4 kinds of facilities:

- Resource facilities provide resources.
- Production facilities determine the troops and flagships that you can produce.
- Core facilities influence the performance of other facilities.
- Defense facilities defend your star systems.

2. Earning Resources

- Build and upgrade resource facilities, including the Crystal Refinery, Fuel Refinery, Metal Refinery and the Warehouse Module.
- Collect resources from Metal/Crystal Asteroids in the Defense Zone at varying intervals.
- Purchase resources with your Nova Coins through the Trade interface.
- Send your fleets to plunder other players' star systems.
- Using different kinds of resource packs.

3. Research Technologies

First, make sure you have upgraded the Research Center in core facilities. Then click the Tech button on the top right of your screen,. Choose the technology you want to research and click it. There are 2 kinds of technologies: Production Technology and Military Technology. We suggest you research your military technology according to your needed troop types.

4. Need more Nova Coins?

The following actions can help you to obtain the Nova Coins you must have to be successful.
- Upgrade the Assembly Module and produce profitable goods in Assembly.
- Sell resources through the Trade interface to get Nova Coins.
- Use Coin Cards.

5. Join/Create Alliances

- Click the Alliance button on the bottom left of your screen or the radar icon on the top right of your screen to view alliance information.
- To create an alliance, you will need 10,000 Nova Coins.
- To join an alliance, choose one in the alliance list and click the Apply button to get a chance to join. Each alliance has a member cap of 30. The alliance commanding officer can increase the member cap to 50 by using an Alliance Contract (can only be used 1 time for each alliance).

6. Produce Space ships and Create Fleets

- Click the Train button on the top right of your screen to produce all kinds of space ships. The key to success in a battle is a combination of different kinds of space ships.
- Click the Fleet button on the top right of your screen to create a fleet. Follow those steps:
a. Fill in a fleet name.
b. Select a commander.
c. Assign at least one space ship to the right blue zone.
d. Click the Create button on the bottom left of your screen.

7. Ways to Start a War

Select the target you want to attack, choose a fleet, and the battle will start automatically.

Suggested fun battlegrounds for beginners:
- Follow Adventure missions
- Warp Map
- Other star systems on the Galaxy Map

8. Commanders

Commanders will join your empire when you follow the mainline missions in Adventure.

9. Ways to Promote Commanders' levels

- For beginners, we recommend accumulating experience in Adventure missions.
- You can also gain more experience in other battlegrounds when your troops are strong enough.

10. Ways to Promote Commanders' Ranks

- Train your idle commanders in your alliance base.
- Use different kinds of medals to get honor. You can get some of medals in Secret Market.

11. Commander Equipment

- Purchase primary equipment with Nova Coins in Trade Port -> Secret Market in the Defense Zone.
- Intermediate equipment drops from NPC fleets on the Wrap Map.

12. Want Unmatched Flagships?

- Click the Train button on the top right of the screen to produce flagships, then merge them in Repair/Fit -> Merge Flagships.
- Produce Flagship weapons, armor and special skills, then store them in your flagship. You can get the required materials through star systems exploration.



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