Legends of Honor: How to Get Honor

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This post will talk about the elephant in the room, honor in Legends of Honor. It is basically the game encouraging and rewarding you for attacking other players. So lets get on with it:

How to get honor?
The easy way to get it is to attack your neighbor next door and hope for the best. But there is more to it. Here are the two things you must take into account to maximize your honor gain.

    The level of the player you are attacking.
    The strength of his/her army.

The level of the player is the first thing you will check. Too low level and the game punish you by giving you a penalty of -2% of your total honor. Too high and your army will probably get wreck while receiving a pitiful amount of honor.

A good rule of thumb that i found is " your level minus 5 ". This will give the range of players you can attack without activating the honor penalty and  without having to visits on all the goddamn castles near you. For example if am a lv 25 the minimum lv that i can attack without losing honor is a lv 20. Note that this rule does not real apply for player stronger than you.

Now that you found a player at a reasonable level, its time to judge his/her army defensive strength (which is the number that appear when you hover your mouse  on the castle). A small number (like 5000 when yours is 250k) and your will receive barely if not any honor at all. Too high and you will get wreck. In other words, you will want to find someone that is more or less at the same strength as your army.

Keep in mind that the 2 point discussed above work in pair  If you find a player that match all the above you will maximize your honor gain. I hope that this guide help you to understand a bit better the mechanics behind honor :)



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