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Legends of Honor was released just last week, and Goodgame Studios have enjoyed a whole load of players starting to play their game. We are here to help out new players with a complete guide for starting out.

In Legends of Honor, it’s usually a much better idea to learn as you go along, but we’re going to give you a little helping hand on your way to overcoming your enemies. There are three main things you need to know before jumping into the game; honor, regions, and troops.

Honor is one of the key resources, and indicators of power in the game. The general trend is that the more honor someone has, the stronger they are, but this isn’t always the case. Honor is used to unlock various things in the game. In order to gain honor you have to attack another player. When attacking another player, you gain honor based on the performance, but there will be a counterattack, so make sure your army is up to the challenge. Every 24 hours, there’s a chance to enter into the Chivalry Tournament, which rewards a lot of honor for participating.

When choosing a player to attack, try to find someone that is a higher level than you, as you have more of a chance to gain honor. You have more of a chance of winning if their defense stats aren’t too high. Be sure to do your research before attacking, but don’t worry too much if you lose, as you can still gain honor for losing.

Regions & Resources

Currently in the game there are three different regions; The High Kingdom, Ice Storm Mountains, and The Dark Marshes. Each of these different areas has something special about them, and they are definitely worth unlocking when given a chance. For example, in Ice Storm Mountains it is much cheaper to recruit troops, whereas The Dark Marshes has Sulfur, which can be used to build important buildings. Unlocking the other regions should be a high priority for anyone wanting to play the game seriously.

Troops & Heroes

When starting the game, choosing the right troops isn’t always clear. Right at the start of the game, the best troops to go for are the Axemen, as they have a lot of health and can be upgraded to make them very strong. As you progress through the game, there are more troops that become available to you, with the most powerful being Macemen, and the Swordmen. The downside to the Swordmen is that they cost a lot of honor, so you need to be an experience player to afford them.

You hero is another important part of the game, as you attack enemies and marauders the hero will slowly gather XP. The higher the level of the hero, the more troops can be used at once. This naturally means you’ll do more damage. Don’t worry too much about levelling the hero up, as it will happen slowly as you play the game anyway.



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